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Online Journal

This winter has been a pretty poor example of healthy living for me. Too many sweets. No exercise and haphazard eating. As we get closer to the unlocking season I’m hoping to make a mental turn and get the derailed train back on track.

Oh man not been into Instagram in a while. What a shit show. Ads every 3rd or 4th image. Likes! Messages! Links! Comments! TV! The kitchen sink! Yeah I think I’ll pass.

My theme for the year is based around release. Last year was a year where I laid the foundations to allow me to release something new every single month. It’s a long year and plenty to come which is a great place to be in mentally - working towards the next release.

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You know that feeling when you wake up and think you’ve got school, but then your dad tells you that it’s the weekend? Yeah that just happened to Zane. Grin from ear to ear.

I have eyed iFontMaker with a considerable amount of envy over the years. I even considered buying an iPad just for it at one point. For font lovers out there, it really is a great app.

Excellent article on the New York Times, summarising the Arab League summit. The whole thing strikes me as sad when people cannot even come together to discuss the issues. What hope does this give the region and the people of the region?

I really hate being awake during the hour of the wolf. My mind gets filled with thoughts and getting back to sleep in pretty much impossible. Doesn’t help having a lot on your mind in the first place.

🖖🏼Time to settle in and start watching Star Trek Discovery Season 2. It’s been a while.