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New iPhone, means new case. My Horween leather case from Nomad on my iPhone 11 lasted me nearly 4 years, but I wanted something a little different. I ended up going for the Sheath from Caudabe in amethyst.


I am a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of experience and have practiced engineering in five countries and contributed to over 100 projects. I am an Associate at Arup. I write about the built environment over at Stet.

I regularly try my hand in a number of creative outlets which includes comics, short stories and type design.



Built Environment Compendium Vol.1

Buy the paperback from Lulu. Ebook available on iBooks, Amazon and Gumroad.

The Built Environment Compendium is part of an ongoing series of concise books covering topics that define our built environment. Published under the Stet imprint.


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