Been doing a ton of research on photovoltaic technology. What I hadn’t realised is that it really is a thriving field of material science that could have a major impact on the world.

This post here is what I love about iA and iA Writer. Their priorities are clear. Their implementation might not be faultless but they have been at this for a long time and continue to improve, version upon version.

I am the mosquitos-killer 🦟 ! 2 in one night as they try to feed of the kids as they sleep. Not tonight f@!$ers! Not tonight!

Creating something meaningful is difficult. It takes patience and perseverance. I’ve been working on this particular article for 1 1/2 months. Feeling like I’ve finally broke it. Part of the issue was that I thought it would be a simple subject…except it really wasn’t.

Having a tough time with the piece I’m writing at the moment. However I’ve developed a very clear strategy that hopefully will mean that I don’t spend as much time cold writing on 1800 words again. Moving the needle every day is also the best thing I’ve learnt to do this year.

Can’t believe it’s been an entire year since my youngest was born. I guess the first one paves the way for the second in many ways. He’s easily one of the funnest babies I’ve ever met, with an incredible disposition and always smiling. Happy Birthday 🥳 Ryan!

🍿 I hardly ever get the chance to watch movies but on the latest Recomendo issue, I was gifted a couple of hours today and decided to watch Icarus, one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in a long time complete with engaging protagonists, story and music.

When I started using I decided to keep syndicating my words over to Twitter. Over this last year what this has done is created two urls on the internet with the exact same content which provided completely different experiences. Twitter is Vegas, while my site is more Bauhaus?

Vegas my site

Usually I love it when both boys are fast asleep in their beds, this evening is very different. Zane is battling through a 7-10 day flu, while Ryan was ok but now developed a fever suddenly…it’s been a long week. I hope the worst is over.

So it’s been three long years since we moved to Dubai. At the time I’d just read Marie Kondo’s book and it was amazingly eye opening. We have a four day weekend ahead of us and it seems it’s likely going to be a miserable affair on account of the kids and wife having caught the flu. Mission to make this place lighter will begin tomorrow. Inbetween making the family as comfortable as I can, I’ll be throwing things out.

Drove for 5min this morning and a dreaded yellow warning signal comes up that oil is low. On the long drive down, a quick visit to the lube-me-up section of the petrol station and before coffee had been brewed, oil is topped up. Sometimes things come together.

No internet based network is whole. What I miss from Instagram is the output from visual artists. What I miss about Twitter are the writers, architects, companies, that offer their thoughts, ideas and news. What I get from is interacting with people.