Can someone please explain to me why Dropbox in iA Writer doesn’t work like it used to (i.e file access), even though the original functionality exists in other apps? Why has Dropbox’s changes to their API affected some apps on iOS and not others?

Time for an evening walk. Need to chase away these demons. Plus I ate too much crap this year and really need to loose some weight.

Every day I put the oldest to bed, I look at the clock and I’ve got a few hours to myself…or so I think. I sit down on the couch and can barely keep my eyes open. Being a parent to 2 young boys is tough.

Looking at getting a 3D printer, either the Prusa i3 MK3 or the Robo R2. The issue is you’ve got to drop in excess of $1000 to start the journey — going cheaper apparently will turn you off the whole experience entirely.

For my short strings of words on the internet, I’ve consolidated to using For all my long form writing, it’s absolutely impossible to beat Blot. Posting has a low barrier; editing something however is truly frictionless.

Struggling with the Sunlit app. The app allows me to post multiple photos & add text. With the HTML off limits in the themes, I can’t define how I’d like these stories displayed on my site. I don’t want 20 photos in a long vertical line. Need more display options for the site.

So the new Oman airport is actually pretty nice. They’ve got some nice touches, except as someone in the industry, I can’t help but notice the lack of attention to certain detail. Also the bathrooms aren’t going to age very well…

The latest issue of Kottke’s Noticing newsletter is an ode to bloggers and blogging. Definitely bookmark this for future reference. Especially loved the key quotes which centred on the question of why we blog.


You may have noticed discontent amongst some users, in reaction to the latest iOS app addition, Wavelength, to the ecosystem.

The “argument” goes that 3 iOS apps and 1 Mac app later with no love for Windows, Linux or most glaringly Android is a sure sign that the network is doomed (or something else equally as dramatic). Then the knives started coming out, calling the apps suboptimal, which I feel to be insensitive and insulting. Manton’s actually handling this pretty gracefully, which is exactly the attitude I believe is necessary to shepherd the nerds without upsetting them.

I think it’s important for everyone to maintain some perspective. The Kickstarter ended a little over a year ago (back on the 1st of February). The actual service didn’t start opening up to register for a few months after that. This service has only been live for around a year. Lets review what’s happened in that time:

No. Project/Update Date
1. released1 29 April 2017
2. Jean MacDonald announced as Community Manager 21 March 2017
3. iOS app goes Universal 21 June 2017
4. Updated Markdown Support for Web 14 August 2017
5. Custom Web pages 25 August 2017
6. Overhaul of Web posting/editing 22 September 2017
7. Mac App released 17 November 2017
8. opens up past Kickstarter 19 December 2017
9. Sunlit iOS app 07 March 2018
10. Multiple Accounts 26 March 2018
11. Wavelength iOS app 12 April 2018

Clearly the guy is a complete slacker. Clearly.

I can understand people being ‘upset’ about not having an Android app, but my view is this, if there is enough request then it will make business sense to officially support this platform. However, give the man some time to get there!

I would like Manton’s to spend time and complete the book. The reason for this is so that he can close last year’s Kickstarter and look to having another Kickstarter to maybe bring someone else to help him full-time with the development cycles.

  1. I received my invite on this date. It was only 6-8 months later that I actually started using in any meaningful way.