🍱 The single most important tool in my kitchen is my digital scales. The thing is I have been focusing on measuring the ingredients that go into a meal. Portion control has been left to my hungry eye. Today the penny dropped and I will be measuring the amount on my plate.

  • Keep the carbs around 180-200g.
  • If a sauce is involved go up to 300g.
  • If a meat/chicken/fish is involved aim for 100-120g. Top up with the vegetables to reach the 500g mark.

I am also really looking forward to meal prepping. It totally is a sensible default.

Totally missed the Bellroy range of sling & cross-body bags. For years I have mainly relied on my Ona camera bag. While I like it, I know there is a better option. Can easily see myself with a couple of size options.

Several years in the making. Super excited to finally have some copies in my hand. Will go on sale next week.

🎪 I am honestly hoping for a mega spring and summer. Something to make up for the past 2½ years of lost time. The ability to make new memories with my family when the kids are not old and magic is still possible. I’m all too aware they are not going to stay this young forever.

🦠 It was inevitable really. Everyone is going to get it at some point. Our family held out 2½ years but the virus has made its way in. By me. This weekend was rough, hopefully we can get through the next few days as best as we can. Hopefully it won’t get the kids too hard.

Seems fitting to be leaving Canada while listening to the new Arcade Fire album.

That went by fast. 5 days in Canada flew by very quickly. Yonge street is definitely not my idea of elegance. Loud. Dirty. Busy. Tired. We then spent a few days in Prince Edward County and that was magic. Red barns. Tractors. Green fields. A yellow school bus in the distance. All the things that I imagined Canada to be was there on show - except moose. Didn’t see any moose.

Insane vision. Watched Dune on the plane. It’s been so long since I’ve seen something as magically put together. Building worlds, while also ensuring you actually cared about the characters shows incredible craftsmanship. Really looking forward to future instalment(s 🤞🏼).

I am enjoying about Canada is the dedication to presenting both English and French in all their communication.

It took three attempts at different stages of my life but finally made it to Canada. Maybe it was a good thing that it didn’t work out earlier on in my life. Allowed me to see more of the world. I can see how things are done differently elsewhere.

I went into WHSmiths (no idea why this exists in the airport when it doesn’t anywhere else in CPH). Saw a copy of Wired but couldn’t bring myself to buy it in protest of the horrendous cover paper which feels like sandpaper. I had hoped they would have changed it. Nope, still terrible.

Proxima Sera is the serif font pairing for Proxima Nova. That ‘x’ has got to be my favourite detail element.

Magic. There is no better way to describe the self check-out process at Uniqlo. My experience is that those machines are legitimately terrible at what they need to do. They never work properly.

The Uniqlo version is different. put your things into a square bowl and the machine automatically picks up everything. The interactive screen is intuitive and responsive. Pay and leave in seconds with a smile on your face. Technology and experience at its best.

It’s been over 2½ years since I got onto a plane. My time in the Middle East, meant I was on a plane regularly. Too much of anything can remove any magic. Now for the first time in years, I’m actually kinda excited about flying. Only took a pandemic to get there again.