I am a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of experience and have practiced engineering in five countries and contributed to over 100 projects. I am an Associate at Arup. I write about the built environment over at Stet. In 2022, I self-published my first book, Built Environment Compendium Vol.1, and I'm currently working on Volume 2.

I regularly try my hand in a number of creative outlets which includes comics, short stories and type design.


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Built Environment Compendium Vol.1

Buy the paperback from Lulu. Also available on iBooks, Amazon and Gumroad.

The inaugural volume of the Built Environment Compendium is the first in an ongoing series of concise books covering topics that define our built environment.

Feeling inspired to revisit these characters. I’ve not drawn them in years.

This latest video on Sony phones by MKBHD is really on point. I’ve always been a big fan of Sony (and their Ericsson line of phone) and would happily get a dedicated camera phone (with no SIM card) if it really was $700.

🎸 One of my favourite album cover artwork in a loooong time.

I bought a KVM switch that looked great but effectively didn’t work properly. I replaced it with another switch that doesn’t have the same elegance in industrial design but does exactly what its supposed to. Reminded of the Steve Jobs quote:

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

In the 4½ years since I got my iPad Pro, I have never felt it struggle with anything that I have thrown at it…until today. Pulling together an image heavy book (currently clocking in at 88 pages and 120MB) is pushing it.

I’ve been putting together my next book, a collection of everything related to my comic strip Moon Racket! and I am absolutely shocked by the amount of material that I have created over the years (even though I’ve not touched these characters in years). Really looking forward to what the final package looks like. Will be working on the cover next and it should go to print pretty soon - apart from a new introduction and some commentary, there is little by way of editing, it’s all there.

Where I’ve been

🇱🇧 Lebanon
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Couple of notes:

  1. The pandemic easily ‘robbed’ me of another 5 countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Poland) - work related visits that just never happened.
  2. Now that I’m in North America, really looking forward to exploring this part of the world.
  3. In many cases, I’ve been to several places in a country (at different times).

🔌 Power cut in the house today….looks like it’s something we can look forward to till the end of the year….damn.

A few weeks back I decided to go ‘cheap’ and got an HDMI switcher and a couple of Amazon basic HDMI cables. The intention was to create a good enough solution for switching my screen between my new Mac and work laptop. Needless to say, it did not go well, and I ended up having to scrap the solution for what I knew was the superior (but pricer) option to begin with (a KVM USB-C switcher). Reminded of the old adage:

A poor man can afford only the very best.

I am really loving the 3D analysis videos of lap comparisons in an F1 race. They offer a view of racing we have not seen before. The latest one from Monaco putting Verstappen’s lap against Alonso’s is easily one of the best I’ve seen.

Trying to explain the concept to the kids was fun.

Some how this Baby Einstein shot for 8 years ago, on Dribbble has garnered 5300 views. Think I’ll release the full image and also put it up for sale as a print - I already have one in the kids room.

⚡️ It’s not every day that you get one of these - but I think I have the next phase of Stet in a hazy vision in front of me. Just need to put a little more polish to the idea.

I have to say that the news out of Spain and La Liga around the Vini Jr racism incident, is just so disheartening. The year is 2023, not 1923. The world has got the internet, electrical cars, iPhones and other truly incredible innovations that are meant to move humanity forward. And yet. And yet, here we are that a black man, one of the most exciting players in the game, is treated with absolute human disrespect. It’s just not good enough. When this happens, the match has to stop and the fans/team has to be properly punished. It’s just simply not acceptable in this day and age to be acting with such ignorance. Total ignorance when there is simply no excuse.

Great day out in the countryside for Stephanie and Tim’s wedding. First long drive in Canada (certainly not going to be the last). Also modern mapping technology makes the whole journey a hell of a lot less stressful. Make a wrong turn, no worries, rerouting and you’re good to go.

Variety is the spice of life

Life can be like a massive shopping carts. We fill it with experiences, products, people, memories, food, drink, laughter and sorrow. These items in our carts sometimes are easy to find and sometimes are hidden deep underneath a bunch of other crap we either didn’t need in the first place or that we used and have no need for. And this works across three dimensions. Physical, mind and digital. Managing this cart can either make our lives easier or more difficult. To make things easier we look for sensible defaults. These are knowing traits that address our current, immediate needs. Finding our sensible defaults means that we are not overwhelmed or distracted. Our cart is lighter.

At the start of our journey, our tastes are immature. We’ve not really had the time to sample things to see what we like and what we definitely don’t like. There is a period of exploration that precedes settling on the thing that makes the most sense, most of the time, for the time. Life doesn’t need to be heavily spiced. Equally when it does not have enough spice, it becomes bland. Sensible defaults let you reach a sweet spot of balance.

A sensible default is a the steady state we reach after experimentation. As we grow older, we begin to settle into place. Our go to wine. Our favourite type of slipper. The optimal notebook. Sensible defaults allow us to spend less time feeling cheated by something that is not meant for us.

🚗 Long weekend begins soon…however just got our rental for the weekend. Really looking forward to exploring Canada a little more beyond the GTA.