I’m Khaled Abou Alfa, a Chartered Engineer living in Toronto. We are an Apple family and like it that way. This is my online stream and it’s powered by Micro.blog. If you’d like to comment on anything I write about, you should create an account, I highly recommend it.


My text editor of choice is iA Writer and Drafts, both of which have capabilities to publish to Micro.blog. Graphics are created in the Affinity suite of software. Artwork is created using the sublime Procreate. I create most things either on my iPad Pro or iPhone.

This site is typset in Merriweather family.

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Yearly Theme

For two years, I have followed the guiding principle of having a theme (based on the concept established by the boy over at Cortex).

  1. 2019 Year of Release.
  2. 2020 Year of Consolidation.
  3. 2021 Year of Learning
  4. 2022 Year of Momentum
  5. 2023 Year of Less