Sensible Defaults

In a noisy world, you have to constantly look to increase the signal to noise ratio. One way to do this, is by establishing some sensible defaults in your life. This is a series of articles I am working on that are helping me and hopefully they can also help you.

Built Environment

Stet Newsletter ➔

I’m the writer/illustrator behind Stet.Build, a website dedicated to bringing concise publications about the built environment. The first publication is the bi-monthly newsletter, which you should totally subscribe to.

Built Environment Compendium ➔

The inaugural volume of the Built Environment Compendium (BEC) is the first in an ongoing series of concise books covering topics that define our built environment. We all enter a world that existed well before any of us. We are the heirs to what was built before us. We are the benefactors of its future.

Short Stories

The Mark

Written in November 2019. I really enjoyed the process which was writing around 50 words a day, and crucially not knowing where the story would end until after reaching half way through the actual story.


Written in November 2020. As the previous year, it was written without a clear idea of where it was going. Written 50 words a day.

The Summer of Disruption

Written in November 2022. Unlike previous years, this one was based on a true story. My family’s story of moving to Canada.


I came up with the idea for this story back when I was 21. For years I could not work out how to actively tell it. Finally I’ve decided to tell it as a novella (maybe even a full sized novel eventually).


Actions Calendar

PDF download of an actions tracking calendar. Available in 2 printer friendly editions.


Moon Racket!

An all-ages comic strip about Corgan and Alfie who live on the Moon  —  eating cheese & making noise.

Coffee Beans ➔

Coffee Beans is a 4 page short graphic story was created as part of the Observer/Comica/ Jonathan Cape ‘Short Graphic Story’ competition in 2009. Sadly the entry didn’t win, but I still like the story. This was my first full comic book story I’ve written and drawn.


A Short Primer on Web Typography ➔

This was a video I created for as part of the Micro Camp virual conference and my first video on YouTube.

KAA Type

My first typeface, based on my own handwriting.

Project Number Description Release Date
kaa001 Biro, action calendar 2019
kaa002 The Mark, short story 2019
kaa003 Sub, short story 2021
kaa004 The Summer of Disruption, short story 2022
kaa005 Bubblegum, action calendar 2023
kaa006 KAA Type, typeface 2023
kaa007 Moon Racket! Ambient Hum, graphic novel 2023
kaa008, website version 3.0 2023
kaa009 Leila’s Kitchen, cook book tbr
kaa010 Colours, illustrated story tbr
kaa011 Templates, GoodNotes templates tbr
kaa012 Baby Einstein, print tbr