1. In Abeyance
    I’m the writer/illustrator behind Stet.Build, a website dedicated to bringing concise publications about the built environment. The first publication is the monthly newsletter, In Abeyance, which you should totally subscribe to.
  2. The Mark
    Short story written in November 2019. I really enjoyed the process which was writing around 50 words a day, and crucially not knowing where the story would end until after reaching half way through the actual story.
  3. The Calendar
    PDF download of an actions tracking calendar. This is going to need a rethink in how it can be updated for better use now. It doesn’t work digitally as you need to have it in your face for you to use it.
  4. Moon Racket!
    An all-ages comic strip about Corgan and Alfie who live on the Moon  —  eating cheese & making noise.
  5. Coffee Beans
    Coffee Beans is a 4 page short graphic story was created as part of the Observer/Comica/ Jonathan Cape ‘Short Graphic Story’ competition in 2009. Sadly the entry didn’t win, but I still like the story. This was my first full comic book story I’ve written and drawn.
  6. Sub
    Short story written in November 2020. As the previous year, it was written without a clear idea of where it was going. Written 50 words a day.