@artkavanagh I was in agreement until I got bookshelves feature on Micro.blog - now this works just enough for me.

@pimoore Ah man, sorry to hear that. Always tough to loose a father, at any age.

@amit Not if your government is shit or non existent. Think about any number of countires where the people suffer because of those in power devaluing your ability to improve your life. Argentina, Venuzuela, Lebanon, Afganistan spring to mind, but there are countless more. What i dont agree with on the crypto side is the energy being use for mining. That is just wrong.

@Miraz no problem at all, you sit pretty high on the chair.

@hjertnes Really? I'm curious now. My site is effectively generated off of Hugo if I'm correct? It is separate to all of this interative elements (so if MB goes down, my site remains up), I have all the plugins, site code control, I can export it all in any number of formats...but I don't need to administer any of it. So what are the benefits I'm missing? Geniuinely curious.

@hjertnes All the benefits, none of the pain (unless you want it, fill your boots)

@Miraz the only saving grace is that JMS is leading this. Also its good that he mentioned BSG as inspiartion for the reboot model. Make it even better than the original!

@Miraz but I imagine the temperature dont dip below a certain point? Is wind chill and issue as well....who am I kidding, wind sucks if you are not in a vehicle or indoors :)

@matti Damn -15°C is cold enough! Interesting that you have no wind. Is that because of the mountains? DK is flat as a pancake so it gets incredibly windy here.

@matti thanks for the heads up. Updated!

@Miraz tried it this morning. Worked a treat. Not mushy but cooked. All this time been doing it wrong :)

@hollyhoneychurch wonderfully elegant and memorable! Love the colour palette. Would be great to see the process (what got cut etc)

@artkavanagh That is amazing. When I get back on the Mac bandwagon, that is an instabuy

@superdavey oh yeah the hey siri was another one :). I guess I feel that the homogeneity of the apple ecosystem on show grated

@superdavey Really? Seriously? Every character is either on an iPhone or on a mac, it was too much

@adamprime Yes. Best razor to use is the one from Supply. It will take a bit of getting used to. Expect the first time to use to to cut yourself a few time until you get a handle on pressure and the sharpness of the blade. After that you will lament not switching over sooner.

@vincent sounds great! I have found that for dark mode to work, less is more. So fewer and colours best.

@simonwoods I guess - although I wouldnt say my comments are always (ever?) that :).

@manton Ha no issues at all - you know I speak up because I care and want you guys to succeed

@amit Ha, good to see team will look into it - side note I'm pretty sure @manton has me blocked (he never responds to my @-messages :)),

@manton I think the blues and grey colours need a little more refinement - especially the main links and the sub links (reply, bookmark, conversation, embed). They dont work well together. And the big blue bg behind the user info is too loud as well.

@JMaxB Theres a Dilbert comic for every occasion :). Thanks!

@pimoore talk about painting a vivid picture :).

@toddgrotenhuis Kind of. So say I have a new project at work, and I want to capture all my meetings on a project, the note title is:

workxname - meeting

At work I have further subdivisions for each project general, meetings, emails

If its a project at home:

projectxname - general

project and name are all abbreviarions (prj, per, fm - project, personal, family). So when I want to get something its prjx and it will filter all the notes for projects. The x means that this character doesnt show up randomly...

@matti Yeah, my biggest issue with Zettelkasten has been the linking back between articles. It hasn't flowed, rather I have found that the x method really works for me (I cant find the link explaining the method but it was something I picked up from Merlin Mann in one of his numerous podcats).

@matti Good question! Slowly adding things to it, but for now all my day work goes in there, meeting minutes, kanbans for all my projects, general notes for every project. Daily planner. I now have all my Kindle notes and highlights synched up as well! Recipes, reference notes. Things I don't want to forget. A real brain organiser. I haven't gotten into writing anything more as my other appa fit that space better.

@crossingthethreshold agreed. I took a look to see what is was and I was like, wait I have exactly that right now....here on :)

@Miraz Yup that is definitely the plan. Also bonus he arrives to school and home dry - regardless of the weather :).

@sku_b magic!

@pimoore Thanks. Trying to sort the house that I have basically neglected this last year. Hopefully will come together soon :).

@ton Hey great to hear you're an IA reader :). A man of great taste! The more i discover CPH the more I can see what appeals to a certain type of person. For the 20 sone year old, its fine but there are better cities. For the family man and child, there is a lot. For the person that enjoys a bit of culture, there is much to enjoy. Even for the shopping oriented there is definitely plenty of Dansk only stuff around. I'm still not convinced about the food options at the moment - but thats self inflicted rather than the fault of CPH :).

@manton What makes it worse is the options to not accept are usually hidden...it makes the web sooo much worse.

@crossingthethreshold Not sure, but I would definitely reach out to Ngoc...he usually responds within a day or so. I've been testing it for a while and every so often find something to improve, so maybe he is waiting until the chatter quiets down?

@pimoore thanks! The delta variant (and all the variants that come after it) is the only thing that is in the back of my mind as something to bear in mind - but as a start this is where we want to be as humanity. The more of us that are vaxed the less of a problem this will be.

@manton @vincent Congrats guys! Super happy that the weight is being distributed! Looking forward to seeing what you both come up with.

@MrHenko I really wish i could have stayed there all day :).

@JMaxB soooo that is something I am currently investigating. Surprisingly my computer needs are very specific - and there alternatives, but alas I will likely need to compromise on things to get there.

@Brad Good to see you on here!

@manton One thing that is missing for the Bookshelf feature is linking your posts to the book data. So say I wrote some thoughts and notes about a book in a new post, I would like to be able to find a link to that post from the bookshelf area or from the page I have assigned

@joshuapsteele definitely! Biggest thumbs up. Its a way of life and honesty after a while you don't think about it. I would suggest logging all the days you follow it (it will take a few weeks to settle in) and then a few months later the weight will be falling off.

@toddgrotenhuis The first few weeks are the hardest (no snacking in the evening was the hardest).

@JMaxB A fellow No-Ser :). I'm still new to the game, but over a year I have seen significant change in my weight even though I meandered there for a while. I imagine there is a plateau but haven't reached that yet.

@kitt Great book for 2021! As we try and create a brighter place from the one before!

@pimoore Thanks! This is using iFontmaker. Great app for hand styled type - uses the benefits of the iPad.

@odd Indeed! Hopefully for everyone around the world.

@hollyhoneychurch I would definitely read the GN from Miller if you haven't already. Epic in every sense of the word. Sin City is also excellent of course. My favourite is the Big Fat Kill.

@cheesemaker Nice shelf! I've had to downsize my collection as I have nomaded across the world but will also share bookshelf pic :)

@mroutley oh yes! What can you do ¯_(ツ)_/¯

@odd Right! If only the thing could charge magnetically, i would be worth it as a prank :).

@sku_b Ironically it is the sans serif equivalent of Hoefler text on the Mac. I think the italic is excellent.

@manton Quick follow up on the bookshelves. Love it. Would be nice to also include a start and end data (help you filter things out maybe once the list grows and grows?)

@manton the next logical step would be to expand this to movies and tv series....

@jean ha, nice emoji-fu. Will try and get you a picture of the post-bikes...they might surprise you :).

@sku_b Yup, I think its in the latest episode (or could be the one before that) where he goes into it.

@JohnPhilpin Right! And to imagine that this was originally a Corona-lockdown-project!

@JohnPhilpin Ah see now this is where your thinking has to shift a little. You are right obsidian is not on all devices but your notes are. 1 folder on dropbox synced across Windows, iOS and mac. Use any app you want to access. Each app has its strengths and weaknesses :).

@JohnPhilpin One text editor to rule then all doesn't exist. For me Drafts = Micro.blog and Twitter. iA Writer = Longform writing Obsidian/1Writer = Second Brain (notes I will refer to again more than once) Craft = Research Quick Draft = Daily notes. Gets cleaned out regularly.

@cambridgeport90 Start with a simple theme and then think of it like a second brain. You need a system to name the individual files (because you can easily amass a ton of them pretty quickly).

@toddgrotenhuis @pratik @pimoore Will definitely tell her she did a great job. Will add, taken with an 8 year old digital SLR and a decent lens - love it when tech continues to be useful years after you first buy it.

@manton I have been a Mac user since 2006. I've been an ipad onlg user for 1.5 years (MacBook died on me, it was during the terrible keyboard era, then they announced silicon is coming), so been waiting while using Ipad exclusively. Easily the most capable computer I have ever owned, except for coding anything. For me I couldnt do my work without the iPad. I have managed without the mac...

@bensmithuk you wear what you linke :)- regardless of age.

@pimoore thankfully its not a complicated index at all, but even then was not a fun task but it is done :). Good to know about Latex...never used it tbh.

@sku_b I ask because I am considering getting an AOC 32" and pairing it up with an M1 Mac Mini.

@sku_b What monitor did you get in the end? Was it a 4K display?

@gregmoore this is sooo great. You need a mechanica movement watch sticker now :)

@pimoore Trusty Nanami Cafe Note B6 (only journalling notebook I use) and the only Sailor pen I have which is a standard Pro Gear Slim, F nib. Magic combination for me.

@bogart Congrats on getting to this stage! The art looks brilliant btw. Definitey shot up on my want list - as a child of the 80s/90s this is right up my alley :).

@jsorge yeah has to be a countdown with these things, learnt that the hard way :)

@terrygrier yeah i stayed well clear of that. Aiming for ever less means i am generally more present in the moment around me. Phone is a tool to do something specific and only that.

@Pilchuck Not usually mentioned in soo many lists, which is a shame as it certainly excellent value...what it is lacking is heritage.

@pimoore Do I have a lot to talk about that!

@Omrrc I use his ultimate V60 method, so looking forward to what he has to say about the AeroPress.

@bogart excellent read. Remember being very happily surprised by it washing over me as I read it

@pimoore apparently Charter has some issues when you try and put it on the web (according to Matthew Butterick, although he uses it on one of his sitea) - both excellent choices!

@mjdescy I think you are right, tweaking the look of your site is a form of tinkering first. Nothing wrong with a little tinkering. Its just understand that it then becomes procrastination from doing what the site is meant to be for in the first place. Spend the time at the start, then only a little bit, understanding that it will never be really complete and that is OK.

@pratik that point is made out of my own painful and meandering experience. It didnt help me apart from allowed me to tinker. Wish I tinkered less and spent my time on something else instead.

@pimoore thanks! Although it uses a base its relies heavily on Skeleton.css (http://getskeleton.com) and my secret weapon, Merriweather. I find that if you want to make your site dostinctive, find the typeface that works best for you and spend the time to make it sing. It just so happens that Merriweather is open source.

@DrWorkPsych My suggest is daily thoughts that will appeal to yourself reading them in the future. Work the magic with 'on this day' plugin and try not to miss a day :)

@Burk Nice, also love the metal straw. Good work sir. Good work. Where did you source the tapioca?

@milesmcbain I'm looking to buy the exact same trailer. Are you on an electric bike configuration? Even though it is predominantly flat over here, there are plenty of gradients :).

@Burk Scales let me get part of the way there ...but I never get the water volumes right :)

@peterimoore Yes! James Hoffman! I also been following his V60 technique. I recently added his 'espresso' Aeropress technique which I have loving - but it further highlighted to me how much variance there is :).

@Munish Great point! The person drinking will run through different moods throughout the day as well!

@bradenslen easily one of my second most used plugin (on this day being my moat used plugin)

@jean well deserved! Great vote of confidence by a very popular app (and a great write up by them as well).

@antonzuiker incredible. The quality and clarity of sound really took me be surprise and this was just me messing around in garage band.

@odd ha, reminds me of my mother in law when I would say that I am watching The Walking Dead, she would go 'You're walking the dead?'

@hjalm No sugar throughout the week was actually a pretty easy one to abide by. The tsp of honey I have in my morning oats doesn't count ;). Cutting out snacking is usually pretty difficult for most people to handle, this I found to be pretty easy (except in the late evening). The no seconds... that was difficult. The only thing I will say is that the first few weeks are not great. But after you've done it for a while, it becomes second nature and you don't even think about it. Then you look at the scales 2 months later and you're 6kg down...

@hjalm Two of my good friends are diabetics (including my dad) and while the food you eat won't solve it all, it will certainly help. Its a great food framework to work towards.

@hjalm so i try and follow the no s diet, as much as possible. Allowed me to loose 10kg so far. Problem is I fall off the wagon in the evenings. The nice thing about it is it is simple to know when you are doing it wrong and its not related to specific types of food, rather when you eat and how much.

@jayeless it really was! Highly recommend the lemon chicken recipe and combine it with the greek salad and Tzaziki and you are practically in Greece :).

@mdrockwell feedbin for everything ... except instagram, because fb

@frostedechoes Huh, nice to see there are additional benefits :). I'm loving the varation and the ease of prep. Consistency of individual bowls is nice to have.

@kordumb Its all audio right. I mean their stuff is so well produced it might as well be audiobooks? They tell stories. Definitely one of my favourite audio producers out there.

@macgenie such a fantastically written book (although I feel it was actually 3 books in one). Just transports you to a very specific time in history. So good.

@kordumb Thanks! Was going for a midnighty blue (although the standard CSS midnight blue is nowhere near this colour), blueberry-plum?

@frostedechoes Thanks! Nope, my wife broke my heart and didn't use the site, even though I tried several times to encourage her and gave her multiple ideas of what she could use it for...it just didn't stick for her.

@pratik thats right hmmm that would be a shame, was it hooked up to his site in any way? I would sefinitey have used it if I was using @blot in that way (which I am not).

@pratik there was that plugin that @amit made for Blot that removed ALL friction.

@kordumb That's the rough ballpark (still going through all the various options on offer, trying to get the best cost to quality ratio, which varies between printer). Also considering the Kickstarter route as well (mainly to drum up a different crowd of interest possibly and to actually have tried it out for once in my life). Lots to think about this break :). And of course US shipping will be available, again looking for something that caters to everyone (which is why Lulu felt appealing, but then their model to the author is a bit...off).

@Munish Mat was the best part, came in super handy and can understand why they have it. Making cocktails is a mess :). A fun mess though.

@maique Denmark has remained mostly mask free except on public transport. For me it is much easier when we all just wear the mask. There is honest freedom. It will become a way of life for at least a year (if not longer)

@kulturnation amazing! My kids are gonna love this photo!

@kulturnation Definitely! Waiting to see what you capture!

@bix nailed it. The feed has no context. It has replies. But I do want to respond to others...that is my rub I guess.

@maique The Danes take their park spaces for kids super seriously :). Total artform.

@simonwoods Absolutely! I will say that sticking to one 'thing' per notebook is key. Also, I have made the mistake in the past of having notebooks for projects...not a great idea. Stick to general themes (journal, writing, sketching, work actions, poetry, whatever), seems to avoid the whole started notebooks with little in them (have many of those).

@toddgrotenhuis Ha, so I've made them a place to sit on my desk. Never far away, always around me, just pick the one that suits my mind at that moment. Regarding the pocket notebooks, I am more haphazard with these. They are in jacket pockets, or on the desk. I try to use only one at a time and fill it completely before moving onto the next one.

@ChrisJWilson hehe, yeah I will because that purple is something else

@simonwoods its a great colour. Needed something fresh for autumn :)

@Miraz it really helps :). Unless of course the damage renders the thing useless :)

@pauljacobson soooo I would drop @manton a line i think he might be able to batch delete that for you...maybe?

@pauljacobson terrible idea. Was part of Mb originally. You inoorted them and realised that it was not the right fit.

@colinwalker I like the psychology of a small sheet of paper that shows me the one thing I want to do more of across an entire year.

@macgenie one habit at a time is a great idea really. Start...micro ;)

@cm sounds like the perfect thing to track. Also by putting it as a small piece of paper you can glue it into the journal at the end of the year :)

@colinwalker steal away:). Would love to see what you use it for :).

@BestofTimes high on my list to read this year. Good looking edition

@JMaxB Midori paper is the best paper ever. Along with Tomoe River.

@kordumb man i need to send Robin a thabk you post card or something. He tweeted the newsletter a few weeks back and now this. Super appreciate the linky love.

@teisam Huh, hadn't realised that. 318 thats a lot of nominations...hopefully his name will be completely lost in the pile.

@jeroensangers part two of the search coming up :), with the criteria.

@jeroensangers analysis paralysis. Sooo true. Now you got me looking into how to break free from this! Slow Watch looks good, except isnt practical for me I dont think. I certainly dont care if it 12:38 or 12:42 but I do care for quarters of hour I think :)

@crossingthethreshold will definitely keep you posted on the findings. I am close actually yo where I think I have two good candidates :)

@kordumb yup via feedbin. The way I am going about this is really keeping it all low volume. Maybe 1-2 articles a week. Once read they get deleted. Otherwise you are right just would get out of hand

@mjdescy sadly i can't report the same. My iPad has been going theough the battery drain bug....here be dragons

@manton Are you thinking of maybe making this output from this more 'discoverable'? What I mean by that is, now if I go to mentions, I can see someone has responded to a post. What I have no idea of knowing (or maybe I'm missing something?) is when someone mentions a post I made in their post...that is what Webmentions are meant to be right? Like the old WordPress pingbacks?

@manton So the one thing that I do wish mb had a better handle on are web mentions...just cant get my head around if this can be baked in, is already?

@crossingthethreshold Thanks! Yeah, it gets less important by the year, except as a way to reflect on the year that has just passed. I find it a great reminder to the arbitrary new years.

@pratik Thanks! Didn't realise you were an architect?

@hollyhoneychurch Happy Birthday to my mb birthday twin :). Love indulging on this day.

@amit I would not get discouraged. it takes a while to settle into a groove. Weekly is tough schedule to keep. Maybe ease yourself into it by going bi weekly, less stress for a bit and ramp it up as necessary. I started with monthly before i settled on bi-monthly.

@toddgrotenhuis nice. Havent listened to them in a while so will definitey give this a try!

@ciaran none. That is the problem. After a reset I basically leave it overnight and it looses 25% of the charge, constant drain. I am now just considering keeping it bound to the charger, not sure what that does for the battery though. I need to be able to use this thing, until either a miracle happens on the software side. Alternatively I take it in and pay again to get it actually resolved one way or another.

@hughbee ha thanks! Its funny what you can see looking up in the sky sometimes. Kids loved it.

@Stevsmit thanks for the insight, good to hear the view from the other side ! So the school actually got back to us and he will be moving to a transition class with other kids learning the language first. Smaller class that can give him the necessary support. Lets see how it goes :).

@tones now on my list. Tell us how it goes.

@DiplomaticDiva @maique thanks guys. Sorry for the downer post. I usually keep this sort of thing in my journal, but honestly I'm just like at a loss over the sheer incompetence of 'leaders' in a name only. I feel that things are very different now. Spirits have been broken, which is harder to mend than glass and aluminium.

@maique Its a small world and a pretty small city :).

@twweaver Looks nice! On my list now to check out a copy.

@cm Ha I hear you completely. I found that I was spending hours on writing and researching my newsletter, then I would end up spending a few more hours formatting the thing in Mailerlite so that it could look a certain way. It was enough friction to make me forsake the final look of the newsletter in favour for simplicity.

Top tip: You can email a draft to Buttondown. If in iA, you get it over to draft (through the share) then install a markdown email action (depending on your preferred client) and off it goes into Buttondown. Or just copy paste :).

So for the images I actually host Stet.Build on Blot. So all of my images are hosted there.

@cm ah another Buttondowner :). I've only recently relearnt to embrace the simpler stylings and actually it seems to have increased my open rate which is interesting.

@tones heard about it being a good one, on my list of things to watch for aurep

@MrHenko ha, good to know i'm not the only one 're-using' tech in this way.

@jamesolon use it for whatever you want. I use it for everything. It doesn't judge and neither do we :)

@Mtt so the only way that I have done that is basically using post/single.html and defaults/single.html are how I have gone around styling these two things differently. Not sure if that helps...

@vincent A minor request was a bunch of different kinds of icons. While I do love the care you have put into the app, there are some design choices that I would approach somewhat differently ...but tbh I don't think it is my place to tell you how to do your app, you've got a clear vision for it.

@hollyhoneychurch Nice! That is one of the things I took from my limited travels to Scotland is just how friendly and helpful everyone was. We are only just starting to explore a little. It is a little disconcerting how little Corona has affected this place...always wondering if the other shoe will drop...however considering that a resurgence has not happened, I would probably say that the authorities here have their shit together and we can venture a little bit more. Hopefully next week we will be seeing a lot more of what this place has to offer :).

@gpittman ha, and I draw with not a musical bone in my body (although I love music).

@maique Thanks! I want it to be a daily thing to flex my muscles in the morning even if it is for a 20-30min.

@hollyhoneychurch Sadly they dont last for long in Northern Europe ( we now share something else btw, similar latitude :)) Hows the weather in Scotland?

@manton Great, great plugin. If you could port the on this day plugin so that it becomes native that would be awesome

@MrHenko totally agree. loved its mindless nature, just like eurovision itself :).

@cjkonecnik Nice. I’ll definitely take a look at them as well. Having a few good alternatives makes the chances of finding something that I like better :).

@adders going through a similar trajectory...although it started off in the other direction at first :)

@maique that link is now working again :)

@jhull it is incredible. Also, apparently iA were around 5 years before that...not sure what they did exactly.

@maique huh, you're right. It is the correct link, although I imagine they will put it live pn their website soon www.ia.net.

@macgenie really annoyed I missed this. Would have wanted to join and say hello to everyone (family and work stuff actually got the better of me yesterday). Maybe next time :)

@maique I honestly recommend watching the videos of Alphonso Dunn on Youtube, or getting his two books. He's an excellent teacher that allows you to hone in on what is important. Highly recommended to anyone looking to draw more.

@kordumb best part of blogging by far.

@frostedechoes and Micro.blog as it turns out as well. One of the things I did was added people who I have engaged with and allow me to actually read their websites (something that honestly was being lost for me).

@grayareas You absolutely can. I wll say however that the dedicated buttons for sections and articles on the Kindle is much more intuative than on the iOS app (clearly an Amazon iOS failing, but still it's all manageable).

@odd Ha! After I posted that I thought I'd look into it a little. Seems like a pretty easy thing to do tbh. Its just about finding the right battery for your Kindle it would seem.

@frostedechoes highly recommend it actually. I'm using a 6 year old Kindle and while it can be sluggish at times, for the most part it handles things very well. The only reason for me to upgrade my Kindle at this stage is battery...

@kordumb I just went for the Kindle Edition. While reading their stuff on a website my suit some, I am trying to only use the browser for very specific tasks at very specific times. The experience on the Kindle is that much better as well.

@cjkonecnik Interesting post! Very detailed. Good to see another bullet journaler using the system. I've found that embracing the analogue to be a much missed relief after soo long away.

@JohnPhilpin Ha! Nah, that wouldn't make for a great reading experience, however I'll post a comparison here :). Thanks for the idea.

@antonzuiker definitely. I honestly think we have all fallen pray to technology and how it should serve us not the other way around.

@gerwitz if you've not read digital minimalsim, I highly recommend it.

@Miraz the good old days of WP

@MitchWagner Huh, you’re correct, it doesn’t work on there either....that is weird. I might take a look into that to see what I could be doing that...maybe it’s because the tumblr I am syndicating to isn’t my primary site? Just really weird.

I’m reposting there for the same reason, although I have to say that I am reconsidering based on the fact that this is not really what Tumblr is good for. Tumblr is all about finding stuff, reposting and sharing...and it’s mainly a visual place (at least that is what has worked for me in the past. The stuff that I post on my Micro.blog doesn’t really belong there.

@duckrowing yeah I hear you there, but it has to be one of the best payoffs in a television series as it took years to all come together and had a ton of layers and characters built onto it to lead to that moment.

@Munish thanks! A bit of both actually. Depends on how much time I have around me and what the weather is doing.

Not professional, just trying to get my architectural drawings to get better and better and try new things as I develop my style for my other site.

@MitchWagner Hhmm, seems to work perfectly for me. Everything is replicated. The best way to see the issue that native Micro.blog posting was having is on something like this post: kaa-pow.tumblr.com/post/6177...

No idea if it’s my theme that is causing the problem, or something that needs to be tweaked on the Micro.blog side? @manton has anyone else run into something like this?

@MitchWagner So I noticed an error in the way Micro.blog was publishing to tumblr (for some reason the full HTML is published). IFTTT doesn’t do that, and I’d bothered Manton enough last week that I thought I’d just deal with it myself.

@duckrowing we'd have not had one of the greatest twists in any story ever. Worked out perfectly I'd say.

@adamprocter both actually. Started off in real life, then we had to go and so I took a photo to complete it later.

@jimdab You can yes. How easy depends on your site back end. So for example I post on my Micro.blog site, and it ends up on my Wordpress.com and Tumblr sites. I used to send it to my Twitter account as well, but I’ve decided against that. You can send your posts from your Micro.blog account directly or use something like IFTTT (which I use).

@manton Speed is one of my favourite features. Its great to have this back again (not that it was gone for very long).

@jimdab pipe in the RSS feed from that blog...not at that it matters really, your Micro.blog will hopefully be your only place on the web and then syndicate that feed outwards. You should definitely make the plunge. Its liberating.

@jeroensangers Looks pretty interesting. Does anyone have any other option for a single html file style notebook like Tiddlywiki, but not Tiddlywiki which doesn’t really work for me for several reasons - I wouldn’t mind something pretty streamlined and minimal...

@stefp ah I see. Mac or Windows only at the moment I guess.

@stefp never heard of it. It does however seem to answer a lot of my questions. the premium versions seem inline with what I would call fair...so far I like it. The thing is I don't understand the app? Is it a multi-platform app or a website? The site doesn't really say much.

@sarcassem @burk thanks! As always I’m starting micro and hoping to build this muscle into a daily start to my day (or something to doodle while on a call ;)

@Munish yup, only it gets a few things better (mainly on the inter-linking side of things), but yeah once you dive into the world of online outliners there is a TON of options out there. I’m sure there is a suitable one. I used to love tiddlywiki but it seems to have morphed into something else recently... and I would need to dive into redesigning the hell out of it because it’s too noisy

@jack For now I am going to keep my thoughts and notes in Drafts and then wait for Roam and Conor to both mature a little more before I even consider sending money their way.

@manton sounds pretty simple. Will drop them a line :). Thanks!

@stefp See when it clicked I thought it was brilliant, but then I had a look at the creator and was totally not on board.

@stefp seriously? Tell me where I can sell mine off, because honestly while I like a lot about it, there is much more I don’t like about it and I’m certainly not in the market for paying $15/month for that ‘privalege’.

@manton there goes that experiment. It’s something I was using in Feedbin (for other Instagram feeds) so thought I would see if I could bring it into my Micro.blog,...I guess not? I don’t control the details of that feed, just change the username really....

@artkavanagh I keep meaning to...but then I just think this is too much effort and have basically moved to Pages for that sort of thing.

@jthingelstad @donavanwatts and crucially it only keeps getting better. Testing the new beta there is inter-note linking which is an awesome feature to build your own Zettelkasten - you know if that's also a thing you want to use it for. So good.

@donnydavis huh, I never tried this. That would be awese for more complex posts.

@jack great great post and mimics all that I am going through at the moment. Totally agree about the Roam Research dev, he really does come across as a total tool and I'd bet that the Twitter account is his direct input. Never heard of the Org Roam. I've decided to go all in with Drafts (inter-note linking is coming)... leaving back linking as the only other major hurdle..

@gerwitz yeah its an odd decision but it kinda makes sense for mb itself as you feed RSS feeds into mb itself. If it didnt do that then it would spam the timeline...

@gerwitz as i understand it (and honestly I still dont fully understand it), but mb will first check your main feed. If it finds that item then it won't fire an update or cross post to the category RSS feed. I think there might be a work around but still waiting to hear back...

@danielpunkass Yeah, its pretty simple, extend the background colour of the keyboard all the way. No line between them. Then the icons are the same colour as the text in the keyboard. Simple, but seems like an extension of the keyboard itself. Natural fit.

@danielpunkass that looks excellent. My only suggestion is to do away with the gradient of the clue. I wish more devs (including Apple) would adopt the same design for this space as that found in iA Writer (including the icons). Honestly, apart from that, nailed it.

@jack Yeah on the iPad the little help menu doesn't appear (which is very frustrating for a new user like myself). Also copying blocks between notes doesn't work, but I found a handy work around, copy and paste the block in the same page, then you can paste that block anywhere you want).

@hartlco also was thinking, are you going to give the option to hide the titles in the menu bar?

@hartlco I don't think you should do away with the menu on the bottom as it does offer some good stuff (likes and share button). You could hide the three dots and tapping the post brings up the menu (similar to the Tweetbot app).

@grayareas No probs! I think its an important conversation to have. My hope being that MB grows to great success in the coming years, and like many areas that are purposely different, I think this would only bolster that reality.

@grayareas on the one hand, at least I know exactly where they stand on a number of subjects (whether I like it or not), unlike say Facebook. On the other hand, their approach is somewhat aggressive, which I don't particularly like. These tech companies wield the powers of small nations. I don't like how many nations are run, so I make decisions as to who I want to support and who I do not.

@manton That’s great news about reaching out to Linode, would definitely love to be part of a greener Micro.blog and even make sure it’s clearly advertised on my own site.

Sadly AWS are one of the worst offenders in this area (the least transparent, with the least clear ambitions).

@fgtech That is a shame that they don’t really care, but not surprising tbh. By and large most traditional servers are run in a dirty manner.

@manton Considering the lower power overhead that Micro.blog will likely have (not sure how many servers you have running, 2-3, 4-5?) but you could review the general amount of power they consume over a year and then see how many customers would need to pay say $5 to allow you to offset that load? It could be an optional thing and honestly then it’s definitely something that you can certainly make into a moral point. Micro.blog generally takes the moral high ground, add another one maybe?

@manton I see this as a clear opportunity. This is not a Linode issue, rather this is a Micro.blog issue as you choose Linode. Being an indie platform that is also powering its infrastructure (no matter how small it is right now) from renewable sources is still a very positive message - clearly the rest (except those powered by Google) don’t give a monkeys, so this is a clear gap.

You don’t have to be running on renewables from day one, rather there might be different things that you can implement that take you in that general direction. Ask Linode, how they power your servers, maybe they have options available?

@bix Actually, I said the previous Asia thing flippantly - turns out it might be correct, in Korea. Could it be a service name change?

@manton @simonwoods and if you want to know how the story really ends you’ll need to get the comics (Miyazaki only animated half of the full story)...

@crossingthethreshold yeah, that isn’t great tbh, but at least all your notes are all there. I would have preferred the other model of paying something up front, which allows me to use the app with updates for a year forward. If I want new features then that is another purchase. Keeps the pressure on the developer to you know develop and make the app better while I can choose if I want to pay for the latest features or continue using the app. I am much much more in favour of the Sketch.app model of doing things. Not sure why more devs don’t do it that way?

@tones nice! Definitely tell us what you think

@cdevroe yeah I've tried paper based systems as well. Having it as a bare bones digital service might work for me.

@MrKapowski Ughh. Soo annoying right. Sooo sooo annoying.

@crossingthethreshold There is a separate action for that. There is one that does simple posts, and another with the titles in there.

@twweaver seems like we both have very similar views on this one :)

@rnv pens. Definitely pens.

@twweaver Awesome! Will be good to share notes, once we've both got some milage on the app.

@twweaver I’m in the middle of writing something much larger about this, but definitely a companion app. It shines in a way that iA Writer would struggle with. iA writer is for focus and long form. Drafts is for collecting thoughts, posting to Micro.blog and working on drafts.

@cm You read my mind :). So as soon as I had made up my mind I dropped Greg an email, he came back with this:

The best way to do that, if you need separate files, is to configure a custom action which writes a draft to file in the format and location you desire, then use the “Select > Operations” options in the draft list to select drafts, and use the “Run Action” operation option to run that action on all the selected drafts. You can tap and hold “Select” to select all drafts in the list.

Will need to do all that and will share when I have made something.

Workspaces are incredible. They let my thoughts focus. I’ll post some things about this pretty soon.

@cm Yes, that is the perfect way to describe it, so deep.

@macgenie @joelmearig just going through the backlog of Micro Monday episodes (not really been exactly up to date because, you know Corona), but loved the tip about recording a minute to 1.5 min chunks to allow better editing. Solid tip. Can't say I get how Wavelength works for editing, will give it a look.

@canion thanks! He loved the process and had to listen to the episode straight away.

@Gabz I feel a lot of what you are discussing here. Same thought process. I'd like something nice, that sounds decent.

@manton Classic stages during unlocking :)

@hartlco it would be a mega achievement. The fact of the matter is that Apple needs to lead the way on this. They don\t even have a web inspector, to ask them to jump to Xcode is probably one step too far...having said that, I imagine that this is something that is being worked on. The limitation isn't the hardware, its the software...

@chet I've been recording the kids for a while just havent really done it consistently ans never published it. Definitely made me think more about this.

@chet awesome achievement!

@ChrisJWilson The newsletter thing is new over there. Previously $30/month for a blog seemed steep. With that for a certain number it's a little better, but not by much. It's aimed at a certain level of user really.

@crossingthethreshold See for me I was being unfair to Buttondown. I wanted to use it in a way it wasn’t meant to be used. If you want to send an email with the most basic of text formatting (bold, italics and headings, maybe section breaks) and links and you are good. Don’t try to do anything else really. For that it is truly magical. Sadly for my newsletter I wanted more...not much more but a little more. I ended up getting a bunch of other things that I don’t even need in Mailerlite but hey, it’s been good for the last 1.5 years.

@jpayne ha, yeah drives my wife nuts....buts she’s now come around to the correct way of saying it ;)

@mjdescy yeah get another set of instructions, dude messed up behind his ears :). You can see the hair above his ears in the last video :)

@pratik Honestly i wouldnt pay it any attention. If you are feeling blue and writing about it on your own site us good for you, then you should do it. If peeps on Micro.blog dont like it they can mute you, unfollow you or move on.

@purisubzi welcome aboard. Things are nice and slow here which is perfect.

@sarcassem so great. The only limitation that I have honestly not been able to modify to my liking is the table of contents and there are some parts of the footer that I wish were a little more customisable, but other than that soooo, soo great.

@frostedechoes honestly I had no idea how powerful this thing is and I’ve not even run it through some of it’s more advanced features. Really excellent app.

@crossingthethreshold so yeah I did move over to Mailer Lite. It’s been 95% there. I raised a support ticket which was acknowledged but never resolved. Then there was the issue that their website isn’t 100% on the iPad and so there are some issues. Button down is best for very simple text based email only. You can control some elements like bold, italics, and headings - apart from that I would really lower my expectations :). I think that if you are only really interested in sending out text, it’s a great option. What’s the problems you are running against?

@vincent Honestly suggest you take up journaling. First thing in the morning to capture all the things you want to achieve during the day. One of the last things at night to review what you did right and what you didn’t. All those thoughts are kept on the page rather than rattling in your head....just a thought.

@odd not that different at all :).

@manton might want to check trying to edit long posts in the iOS app. On the phone at least it doesn’t allow you to scroll all the way to bottom say to make the edits you need to make.

@colinwalker sorry to hear that. Really hope it’s the a mild one for you guys. Take care.

@amit So I just checked that on an iPad Pro and that was the character count. Will take a look on a windows machine to see the difference. On an iPhone it’s 68 characters, but the design isn’t really suited for use on a phone (it’s doable but only just).

Maybe also something to look at for the next iteration?

@amit Ah-ha! That is actually excellent. It's super polished. I do have one important suggestion to make however. Seems that the standard character count is 150 characters across. For things to be readable you want this to be limited to between 60-90 characters. Apart from that, excellent font choice (don't add any new ones), perfect options (new, download or publish).

@amit Very, very nice. My use of Blot won’t really make use of this but I can absolutely see the appeal. My only comment would be to add Markdown highlighting, apart from that, perfect.

@manton Rock solid update to the app. The app has always been an excellent companion to the site, now it's even more so.

In fact the only real complaint I have about this app is how the pop over is accidentally triggered when you scroll. What would be better is if there was possibly a larger delay in triggering the popover after scrolling stops maybe?

The other part is adding new content to the timeline could be added automatically when you get to the bottom (rather than having to press another button when you get to the end).

@crossingthethreshold Probably a bit too harsh, considering what we’re all going through, but I had enough this morning. The simplest of things should be keyboard support. Sadly it really feels like a flaky afterthought. I hope they take this aspect more seriously because it is incredible frustrating.

@Gabz snap :) phone buddies

@adders that;s rough man. I mean you pay your taxes, you expect the government to be there for you during the exceptional times.

@odd @simonwoods yeah we have a cream - might move to soap bars rather than liquid, maybe that will help a little. Another reminder that we’re all in this together.

@jack it really is a huge improvement. The issue I'm having is that keyboard support is actually pretty flaky - and Im using an apple keyboard?!

@pratik Yeah we moved to Teams as well at work. It's much better technology for conference calls.

@cdevroe people have far to much on their minds. First comes the shock, then after a while things will settle down and the anxiety begins. Expect interactions then...

@kgfuglsbjerg I found it difficult getting into Meditations, although I think reading it cover to cover is the wrong approach probably. Rather read a chapter over a period of time is probably better :). Hopefully this virus doesn't have as much impact...

@JohnPhilpin not related, but did you see that Steve Wilson has a new song out?

@JohnPhilpin Nice. Honestly I don't see everyone taking it as seriously. Just now there was a bunch of people (11 I counted them) going about doing exercise in the courtyard. It's like guys, go for a walk if you must, fucking stay at home.

@bobschulties Because sometimes humans really don't know what's good further. It takes a while.

@tones Hopefully this will also show that bullshitters are dangerous in positions of power and maybe means the end of them there...

@Gabz so I used this. Sadly if you switch between dark mode and normal it doesn’t work. I’ve since actually changed my home screen even more.

@amongthestones ah man, the spike in Spain today means this is absolutely the right thing to do.

@derekpeden for some maybe you’re right. For the rest of us who can should.

@twweaver Anything from the Viz Signature line is a sure win. I'd go for Vagabond next.

@bix NICE.

@twweaver read Uzumaki years ago. One of the only books to ever make me feel ill. No movie has ever achieved that. Horror of the highest order.

@paulrobertlloyd Brilliant. Is that something he's done just for this, or is it part of a new show?

@bix ha! I'm with you on that one. @manton it's good that this is now a viable option for those that don't want everything posted.

@manton huh. So this magic is down to Drafts itself. That's some serious coding-fu right there.

@hjalm Thanks! Yeah, it's Micro.blog has been great to allow you to do what you want, although the way in which you do it could be made easier. I'm sure it's on Manton's radar...

@ciaran So definitely text file only. Definitely not linked to any application (application agnostic, although different apps might interact with the notes in different ways). I'm effectively trying to build out my Zettelkasten. So date stamping titles, inter-note linking, tagging and allowing everything to live in one place.

@ChrisJWilson If I'm reading this move correctly, Merriweather could be Google's answer to Adobe's adoption of Source San Pro (and all the iterations).

@kordumb thanks!

@noah What you getting?

@colinwalker It’s interesting because he seems to have the take that you should start regardless of what you have to say. Then again it all depends on what you are trying to achieve and who you want to send your message out to.

@hall possibly yeah. Maybe it’s a simple solve, because it doesn’t seem like he’d made a huge amount of changes in the recent update.

@simonwoods Honestly my view on subscriptions is that the app is ultimately geared towards a smaller group of people that find enough value in that specific product. What I would like to see is these single developers grow enough to support at least 2 guys working on the apps. Two is one. One is none.

@simonwoods I hear you about the entitlement, many on the internet easily forget that they are dealing with people. When I wrote enthusiasm I was actually referring to his enthusiasm for Editorial - it’s clearly there and he wants to do right by the app, it’s just he doesn’t have it in him to support both at the moment in the manner that he would like.

@Gabz nope it creates an RSS feed based on someone’s username

@Gabz it’s not officially supported but it seems to work.

@twweaver nothing official but I was given a hack by Ben from Feedbin that works well for me

@simonwoods see the thing is if I didn’t have the iPad, I couldn’t do my work to the same level. Without the Mac the more difficult projects are on the back burner. Definitely going to be waiting for the new macs to see what’s what

@manton You can tell it was designed by the Icon Factory - they really have a consistent house style. Interesting twist on the pricing model, wonder what the story behind that is.

@colinwalker do you know if you can import the standard export from Micro.blog into Drafts? That would be a start to having your posts in a single location that's not the web.

@Mtt So far I'm only using the default post to Micro.blog, which you can get here: actions.getdrafts.com/a/1Dj

I seriously don't understand what magic is happening here, but posting using this action is faster than ANY other method available. It's near instant and shows up on the site just as fast. This is what's made me pine for more. There has to be more we can do with Drafts and Micro.blog...

@Bruce Aha, you're right. It's not Feb specific. Will try again later this year (maybe in the summer).

@Bruce yeah, like the petulant child he could be sometimes :).

@Bruce I think they’re finding that out the hard way. It’s a real shame they didn’t buy Dropbox.

@simonwoods exactly my thought as well. They can charge a premium because they deliver a better product. I wish iAWriter had better integration - they are on an island with how they choose to add Dropbox support (although hopefully that might change in the future).

@ciaran Ha, good advice. It will be interesting to see what other items I add to this.

@colinwalker the actions to post on Micro.blog is simply the fastest route I have ever experienced in any platform! How is this sorcery even possible? Even the Micro.blog app isn’t this fast.

Actions are overwhelming at the moment, just getting grips with options is a struggle - but in a fun way.

@manton Ah cool, I thought it was another iOS issue. I have a post about the Micro.blog iOS app coming up, but wanted to make sure :).

@manton I'm trying to use iA Writer to share a post to Micro.blog using the official app, but when I use the sharesheet it comes up with null and a whole bunch of gibberish. Is there any way to do this? thanks.

@tones read my mind. Am planning to do the same thing.

@pat I think they are two different mediums really...although with a ton of crossover, made possible by apps like Feedbin (or a few of these other apps I've seen springing up recently).

@pratik not yet...still waiting to hear what’s next.

@seishonagon I know! Those are the rules I guess - and while I was there it was fine. Except when you finally see what you are missing you can’t help but review

@Gabz Its going to be mega hard to beat the Nolan trilogy but I am curious ;)

@kusters I have. Its barely usable. I di have a massive post about going iPad only for the last few month. Its not been great tbh and that is down to the software. Apple really needs to sort it out :).

@paulrobertlloyd Nice. Thanks for that link, will do a deep dive. You are right it has some questionable decisions, borne of the time and place (and certainly not inline with modern thinking), but the elegance of the architecture is undeniable :).

@twweaver Ha, saw this in the bookstore today and was considering buying it (been a while since I read some Murakami)...maybe I'll pass on this one then.

@chet for now, but I imagine things will settle down and they’ll probably be better of.

@bix resist the urge. Your site looks good.

@truefalse ha! That must have been an awesome journey!

@truefalse Norreport Station in Copenhagen. UN building in the background. If you squint you can see the magestic wind turbines in the distant background :)

@JohnPhilpin ha, if only I could share the taste and smell. Sadly the internet hasn’t solved those yet :)

@Bruce ha good spot. I have like 10 photos leading up to that one :).

@bradenslen over the years since the referendum, I think the most nuanced thoughts on this have come from Nick Clegg. In an interview he described why the British people don’t have the same level of connection with Europe as many countries in the EU have. Part of this was the fact that the country didn’t feel the step change that many other nations felt when they became European (I certainly felt it as I grew up in Greece). Obviously there is many more reasons, but that analysis of the country has stuck with me. Sure European projects have contributed to the country, but the step change wasn’t felt across.

@ChrisJWilson come to think about it vast is unfair. I’ll change that :). This is a sad enough day as it is.

@ChrisJWilson I hear you about using the general election as a proxy 2nd referendum, but ultimately that is what it was about. Obviously no guarantees that a second referendum would have been put on the table or even how that one would have played out.

@ChrisJWilson maybe not for the referendum, but the vote for the Conservatives certainly was.

@tgray the Sketch model works for me. I haven’t upgraded in ages but that is because I switched over to Affinity. But I agree. Buy it with the current features for a year worth of upgrades. If you want more buy it again when the upgrades mean something to you.

@smokey Where are you buddy? Hope all is well.

@Blot all good thanks! :)

@blot Service seems to be down? Is this a planned one?

@Mtt that\s soo sad. Damn. What is it about elite sportsmen who can't seem to get a break in their retirement? Legends like Schumacher and now Kobe (I know there are plenty more, but these are the only ones that come to my mind)

@manton not sure what if there is a setting to be updated, but I'm getting a web certificate error going to my site. Also my on-this-day plugin isn't working either (when I make my way past Apple's security message)...

@Miraz nice! I love really well made and designed things. Pay more. Buy once. Will investigate where I can get in Denmark or from somewhere in Europe.

@MrHenko They absolutely are. My boy Pontus (who is Swedish and travels over the border every day) tells me that the ones in Sweden are typically more traditional (white sugar, cream, etc), while the Danish one are a little more out there with all the additional stuff (blueberries, chocolate, nougat etc)? Either way, it's a tradition I can get behind :)

@Bruce Soo much new gear. Some new clothing technologies have been introduced while I've been away - like the thermal tights and the good quality puffers and gloves with touch sensetive finger tips. Sadly umbrella technology still sucks....at least I've not found a decent umbrella. Does such a thing even exist?

@macgenie really enjoyed this one. Good to have you back on the ‘air’.

@alans I’ll be taking more photos the next time I go there which shouldn’t be too long

@yorrike no but hey I grew up with TNG and TOS is just something that happened long, long ago in a galaxy far far away...wait a minute :)

@yorrike huge gap between Enterprise ans Discovery

@Gabz isnt it a videogame company...nono thays PikPok :)

@JohnPhilpin it’s a polarising one :). Some peeps (myself included) don’t get BBEdit. So can certainly understand if iAWriter isn’t for you :)

@Mtt always good emwhen you hunt down the solution and it works :)

@macgenie awesome!

@k9andkbd NICE! Definitely going to check this out

@vincent that is an excellent feature right there

@JohnPhilpin nailed those recommendations! It’s been YEARS since someone opened up this much awesome music to me. Thanks. Really really appreciate it.

@ccgus Maybe it works better in practice than just viewing. Will need to try it out tho

@JohnPhilpin Anathema yes! Blackfields definitelty! Now you've added a bunch more to my list. Thanks, always looking for good recommendations

@Gabz One if my favourite bands

@hartlco any thoughts about introducing drafts to Icro?

@Bruce its different but i know it wont last forever and its all part of the seasons :)

@simonwoods i know right! But i am really looking forward to the long nights in summer

@Mtt looking good sir, looking good!

@fahrni same. Except on ipados - sort it out :)

@Mtt i think you need to update list.photolist.html maybe? Also love the green underpants - I think all websites should have that

@pratik thanks! He's a good subject :)

@sku\_b @jayroddi definitely recommend that particular method. Simple to implement and play around with in the example codepen

@adders Totally hear you there. Remember you are not doing it for those people unsubscribing, you are doing it for your people. It will grow but my experience is that it takes the time it takes..Good luck!

@hollyhoneychurch congrats on the decision! Exciting times ahead. Sure there will be disruption but its going to be awesome exploring a new city and all that this entails for sure.

@gerwitz Nice use of Plex! Love the little details on your site.

@ft good theme for your year. The year of balance. Mine is the year of consolidation.

@kgfuglsbjerg So I think that Micro.blog nails the flow aspect of writing to your site. Inputing your thoughts is the reason I do it so regularly and don't like missing a day.

However, and this is where things break down, you need to offer a simple way for people to customise their site. This shouldn't include any coding really. It should be a series of dropdown menus. Change the colours. Change the typography (typeface and size). Maybe add an image/header (if you want). And if it was awesome there should be at least 5 variants on this (1 column, 2 column, photoblog, etc).

@Burk also called wheelchairs...

@simonwoods Nice! Its the way to go as this way you get my little email intros which dont appear in the direct RSS feed.

@Mtt Awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

I understand now. So I believe I copied the primrose theme into my repository and started editing it there. Once it was 90% done I imported that into Micro.blog.

@Mtt thanks! So it is a totally hosted Micro.blog site. i used Primrose and then honestly beat the CSS (and some HTML and JS) into submission. The thing is I imagine that most users dont have the knowledge, time or patience to do this sort of thing. I know that there is a better way, but alas that is something that has been a struggle for most blogging platforms. Years ago blogger did a thing where they introduced several themes by top name deaigners, which was nice. I should write some of this down in something longer form I think.

@Miraz it is heartbreaking, but maybe now the Australian government can take this issue of climate change more seriously?

@macgenie that’s pretty cool

@hjertnes blotting paper? i use it anyway (at least the one supplied with Nanami Paper notebooks), solves the problem instantly, regardless of what hand you use. If you've not tried it, highly recommend it.

@ChrisJWilson Close. It is Tomoe River Paper, but found in this: www.nanamipaper.com/products/...

Yup, Twsbi Eco, although I am going back to my trusted and favourite Sailor ProGear Slim (I keep eyeing a normal sized ProGear but haven't pressed the trigger on that one yet, maybe this year?)

@smokey great list. Followed all those I hadn’t till now :).

@manton just a heads up but would be worth checking out if .bz is available in the domain hosting partner? When I tried using it said the name was not available...except of course it was.

@sketchbookb nice! Living the dream. 1 book every 2 weeks is certainly a great target to have.

@smokey The welcome wagon was the best part of the onboarding experience. So unique to this place, which is great. I do have some thoughts about the rest of the onboarding process which i think could be improved.

The only other couple I know is @cleverdevil and @cleverangel (love the user names).

@adamprocter you definitely should. I know i have spent many hours customising, but found that the two most important things to consider is the typography and the colours

@Bruce that looks really interesting. love the black and white artwork.

@gerwitz thanks! Will definitely check it out.

@pratik Good catch! I tried something recently that was similar...sadly I was sloooowww and the red plane got away.

@Bruce ok, what you making :)

@fahrni completely agree about the issue of flow. That is definitely something that Micro.blog has solved for me.

@bradenslen thanks for subscribing! Really hope you enjoy the archive, it’s been one of the funnest things I’ve done this year for sure.

Re concrete, I can’t help but imagine that the scale at which things need to be constructed in the US play a role in the shortcuts being taken. The concrete being used in Denmark is bunker grade it seems (at least that’s the impression I get anecdotally from trying to put my curtains up and talking to some of the guys in the office who have experienced the same thing).

@smokey Great spot! The idea of this months issue came from that point. I wanted to understand why the process was so bad for us and what was being done to better the situation.

The part about Roman concrete was great to discover as well. Stumbling onto these little gems of history really makes me smile. I think my brother reads the newsletter just for the intros :).

@kgfuglsbjerg Ha, dead giveaway. Yeah today is incredible day. Kids really loved it outside, even though freezing :)

@kgfuglsbjerg that is some eagle eyes 👀 you got there :). Yes it is!

@smokey it is indeed. Apparently made in Malmo, we live 30-40min away from the factory now :). Decided to support that instead of Lego this year :)

@smokey Clearly you understand the needs behind nurturing and developing a community. From my POV, I will notice these when they are gone (or not posted as regularly), however I think you fought the good fight, but as with all things they come to and end. MM will continue with the podcast hopefully and you get to experience what we have :). I think just your level of consistent and complete interation is value enough (no one comes close to that level, at least not that I've seen).

@brentsimmons having just bought Reeder 4, I kinda now wish I had saved my cash. This is a nice app you have here sir. Fast, clean, and has some nice features.

@snookca Ha, hot tips, thanks! Will need to get some babysitting arranged :)

@emma not had that yet :). Something to look forward to....?

@crossingthethreshold Ha, seems Portland has some crossover with Copenhagen - there are bikes I’ve seen here that I’ve not noticed anywhere else

@smokey @vincent I think we agreed not to use the underscore but rather the asterisk convention for italics.

@numericcitizen Each space online has a different thing that makes it work better. If more engagement is why you are here, then catering to those that you want engagement with will become the priority. Seems to me that you are doing your thing though - sometime this will lead to some engagement, but I have found this goes in waves and randomly depends upon the subject itself and the time you post.

@basus i like that as an idea. Better filtering of the timeline would mean better interaction tbh.

@poetalegre awesome! glad to hear it. Remember to keep it micro, habit is much more likely to stick that way.

@hollyhoneychurch i guess it is. Still feeling great that its coming up to a neat little break for us to catch our breathe and jump into the new year settled....mostly :)

@prologic thanks getting closer every day :)

@smokey yup agreed, i just wanted something i could reference when i saw someone struggling and may have just needed a small bit of help getting it straight in their heads.

@Gabz Same here. The app did so much right. Great thoughtful typography. I truly wish it could be revived somehow...

@andrumatt there is an element about publishing online that writing in your own journal just doesn’t translate over. But I imagine that it’s to do with your target audience - mainly yourself in the future. You want to write something that they might enjoy. In my journal I am working through things. Troubles, anxieties and difficulties. I wouldn’t post any of that stuff online because it’s a brain cleansing exercises or a reflection exercise. The site is for ‘Hey, this is cool. Or this happened. Or I’ve been spending time doing this and it’s changed my views on something’ e

@smokey thanks, he a cool little guy :).

@manton love these ‘pins’. Something about them tickle the right side of my brain. I’ve always said it would be great to have more of these, but then again would that dilute their specialness?

@smokey Hehe, more 🏠🌪🏚. Stuff everywhere :).

@crossingthethreshold hehe, super glad you found it in the end :). Would love to hear your wife’s thoughts on any of the subjects I’ve covered so far. That’s one of my favourite things to be honest, hearing what resonated with everyone.

@smokey thanks! Really glad you’re enjoying it. Been a real pleasure to write it.

@joshsullivan wouldn’t mind trying this out at some point.

@smokey @simonwoods as you can imagine I do have some thoughts about this. It’s very difficult and time consuming for people to sort out the design of their sites, especially because it can sometimes lead to design procrastination which is the opposite of what you want when the act of writing and publishing should be the focus. It’s like buying a car and then spending ages polishing the wheels and never driving it. The issue is that if those wheels are not just right you are likely not to bother driving it :).

@caseyhansen Atomic Habits Ego is the Enemy The Art of Noticing

@macgenie loved it. Kickstarted a new way of writing for me, so got a ton of value from it. Thanks you.

@fgtech totally with you on this one.

@fahrni suggestion: keep it to one or two sentences max. Write these 1-2 sentences at the same time every day. Your audience is yourself 1 year from today - what is future you going to gain from the words you’ve just written.

@gerwitz huh, I kinda missed that. I was concentrating on how the hell it would work for me :)

@Miraz Ha, same here. It's a great addition to the landscape :)

@Miraz @crossingthethreshold @smokey so none of the current crop of Macs excite me except maybe the Air, however I’m not a fan of those keyboards (I’m not just saying that, it’s a step back, highlighted by the fact they’ve finally recognised it themselves). Considering I’m going to be using this machine for another half decade, I want to love it. The power is important, for longevity more than anything else - when I need to push it 3 years from now it won’t flinch (like my broken machine used to).

The repair cost is 1/3 the cost of a new MacBook Air (1/4 of a new MacBook Pro) which is why it’s not such a clear cut answer.

@crossingthethreshold @miraz Sooo the other question I have is, considering the new 16" macbook pro, i'm thinking it would likely be prudent to wait for the 13" (or 14"?) equivalent.

@Miraz Thanks for the advice. Software updates will be an issue for sure. The thing is I was really hoping to have get a new phone which is 4 years old at the moment. Getting both right now is a luxury I can’t really afford. The computer I need to get stuff done. The ‘phone’ is for photos.

@hartlco savour it, it’s such a different world that you’ll be longing to go back

@twelvety yup that’s the one I have and it’s future proofed for a while :)

@fahrni each one of us is on. a different blogging journey for sure. My 2 cents on this is that for the last (nearly) 2 years (?!!1!) Micro.blog has helped me develop my writing muscle better than any other platform. But being a relatively early adopter means that sometimes you have to wait a little. My view is its worthwhile in the end because you finally can focus on the writing and let someone else worry about the rest (mostly).

@fahrni out of curiosity what is it that you were trying to achieve that you could not achieve in Micro.blog?

@fahrni wasting time when you could be writing more :).

@JohnPhilpin who would have thought that the spiritual successor to Obama would come from New Zealand. Its good to see the torched passed in someone thoughtful.

@manton we watched this last week and thought it was fantasitc. Favourite Christmas movie since 'Tokyo Godfathers'.

@smokey with 9 more of these to go, lets hope I stick the landing :)

@manton not sure but it seems my RSS feed isnt working. Also while my latest post is on my website its not in the timeline? Not sure if others are having the same issue?

@adders its already my iphone background

@pratik Thanks! Glad you're enjoying them. They usually come after I've written the article, so they feel like I'm treating myself to a drawing :)

@gerwitz It's actually a very good question. I tend to spend most of the month immersing myself in a subject. I let myself wonder a little bit from link to link when I'm not happy with the level of information that is given, or I don't buy the argument. One of the things I am considering is creating a bibliography/reference page for each of the articles where I'm not linking to the sources as I do want to be as transparent about the information as possible. Might do that for the next article. Thanks for the question.

@smokey @pratik @simonwoods your timing guys is impecable :). Just released the latest issue and forgot to post about it on my site.

@manton nice. It will join the quintessential web-book (at least for me), www.practicaltypography.com Can’t wait you’re dip in and out of it.

@MrHenko I'm actually looking forward to the changes. For nearly a decade now my days, evenings and weather have all been predominantly the same. This change is welcome :). I just want to make sure it doesn't get to me subconciously..

@ddykstal i gave up on using the prompts a while back. At this stage im glad if the story makes any sense :).

@amoroso your posting has been broken for a while now... for me at least everythibg is blank.

@kgfuglsbjerg ah-ha that is sooo great, tak.

@luby love this widget. Great to see you are still giving it love. Any chance of adding drafts? kinda like Wren for twitter? 3 drafts limit or something?

@manton I trialed plausible for a month. That was also a good option...considering Fathom is going to change it’s codebase soon...

@antonzuiker hey thanks for checking it out. So I’ve not included a byline on this as I initially decided to go down Economist route. Since then I’ve been signing it in the email itself but you are right I should update to include a small bio about myself on the site.

@vincent looking good. I would definitely take some inspiration from the iA writer for iOS toolbar. No question in my mind the single most elegant and useful toolbar on the platform.

@Burk seriously tempted just so that I can give Ubuntu another try :)

@Burk looks like an awesome thing. I do want to eventually get one to try some stuff out with it.