Act 1: Azure

  1. Prelude / Sprout
  2. Chapter 01 / Decay
  3. Chapter 02/ Garden (coming in 2024)



In the stillness of infinity and at the edge of chaos, they manifest simultaneously. Two consciousnesses. They share the same spectrum but they exist on either end of it. Their energies and purpose in direct opposition to the other. One forcing the blackest of realities. The other offering the brightest of cores.

They are the Iyes and they grow at a speed that stretches through an eternity. They mature in tandem with each other. At first there is harmony. Their coexistence is barely registered by the other. They grow in gentle movements, swaying and flowing into each other. Their growth seemingly could never ends. Pulsating back and forth. Eventually they begin to overlap. They begin to fill the conceivable space around them. Where one starts the other ends. They continue to grow in all directions at speed. Across and around, to infinity.

Like two different seas they gently collide. At first the push and pull is gentle, almost soothing in its nature. A gentle wave on the sea. Gradually the interaction becomes more purposeful as the two energies begin to take on a more physical form. They begin to flow into each other. Engulfing some parts, only to surrender others. Constantly in motion.

The energies remain distinct but futilely try and achieve a balance in each other’s presence. This effort offers no result as the draw to overpower is too strong. This leads them instead to engulf each other. First seen as tiny pins of light in the vastness of the black. The pins grow until they all but consume the dark leaving small black specks, like vanilla seeds in milk. Again and again this sequence repeats itself. Again and again.

Recognising that this dance cannot continue forever, they shift their strategies. It is not in their nature to live in harmony with each other. One or the other must become dominant. One or the other must control the direction. They retreat completely from each other. The dark begins to manifest a thorny exterior. The bright begins to grow soft rounded tentacles.

It doesn’t take very long for the first signs of a struggle to begin. The attacks come from both sides, like soft waves crashing onto the side of thorny rocks. The tentacles wrap around the spikes. The spikes pierce through the tentacles. There is no malice in these violent actions. They flow naturally into one another.

As the battles continues the two energies manifest further as two distinct entities. One as an angry and violent concubine of spikes exploding in every direction. The other as a flowing sea of tentacles. After discovering that they could not live in harmony with each other, they quickly discover that neither of them can overpower the other either.

Recognising their stalemate, out of desperation the energies begin to devour each other. Like a snake eating it’s tail. They inch closer and closer to each other. The space they occupy gets smaller and smaller with every bite, until finally they all but consume each other completely. Leaving nothingness.

Nothingness and everything, in a space that is both completely dark and bright at the same time.

Except thats not true.

In the abyss is a tiny point. Except its not a point at all. Its a seed. A seed both glowing and stealing light at the same time. Finally after seconds or maybe it is millennia, the bright, luminescent seed begins to sprout.

  • kaa010
  • Prelude published throughout November 2021
  • Chapter 01 published throughout November 2023