Actions Calendar

Available in 2 printer friendly configurations. The Letter edition (for all the North Americans) and the A4 edition (for the rest of the world?).

Product Number: kaa005 Version Number: 1.0
Announce Date: January 2023

Download 2023 Actions Calendar ➔


  1. Fresca (2017) - Not released.
  2. Biro (2019)
  3. Bubblegum (2023) ➔

About the Calendar

In 2017 I decided to design a calendar. Intended for personal use only, as I wasn’t particularly happy with the designs available online (at least the ones that I could find).

I printed a batch of these on A5 and gave out a few to friends, however it was my wife who showed me how this design should be used. She used it to track how many of her prenatal (and then natal) pills she was taking. Each dot represented a pill taken.

When 2018 rolled around, she was the only person pestering me for the new one, so I know someone needed this. Maybe others do as well?

Yasmine’s 2017 Calendar

The second attempt for 2019 looked to update the previous design slightly and added a few new features. This second edition of this design was not as successful. Part of this is the fact that this particular calendar works well only when it is a physical object, not a digital one.

This third edition for 2023, builds on the previous designs, keeping the elements that worked, while addressing shortfalls.

I hope it serves you well.

Khaled Abou Alfa