Blogging in Two Modes

When I joined, over 7 years ago now, I rediscovered my love for writing on the web again. has a simple interface that doesn’t care what the number of characters you intend to use or whether you want to use a title or not. Just write and publish. The freedom was liberating.

This has worked well for me but I was recently finding that I would self regulate some of my output. I felt like sharing some random thoughts throughout the day which felt out of place on my site. I tend to like to capture certain kinds of thought that I share. Hobbies I am getting into. Discoveries I have made. Kid related activities. Things that I can come back to in the future and relive.

This other stream of thought felt more ephemeral. Fleeting. Captured because I will forget them and writing them and publishing them allows me to give them a little bit of weight. Last year I got a account and this seemed to scratch this itch. The issue however was that I didn’t own the output. Enter’s new pricing model, I now have the option to have up to 5 sites. I sorted a Status site that does what my was doing.