The BIRD Brewer

The BIRD1 brewer costs a cool $360 (US) and introduces the world to a unique brewing mechanism. It is a cross between a French press and an AeroPress, made from premium materials and looks to bridge a brewing gap between pour overs and espressos.

This review from Lance Hedrick pits it against a whole bunch of alternative brewers trying to replicate the outcome (some using a similar-ish method, but none as elegant, or quite the same). The quick take is that while the profile can be replicated with other techniques/brewers, none as elegant as the BIRD.

It is currently out of stock- which does not come as a surprise. Smaller businesses, whether they are micro-brand watches, stationary, iPhone accessories or in this case coffee brewers typically have this issue if they have anything remotely successful.

  1. BIRD stands for Brew In Reverse Direction and is a non-bypass brewer. ↩︎