Year of Health

Although not written about this, until now, 2024 is my year of health. I’m in my 40s so it’s important that I give this aspect of my life the care and attention it deserves. Health includes mental and physical health, but for the moment there is a little bit of a focus on the physical side of things. I am looking to introduce key products that can slowly help me in this direction.

The first was a smart digital scale. What’s fascinating to me about this technology is that it’s able to record my BMI, water content and a slew of other data points.

The one data point that has really stuck with me is my metabolic age data point. Needless to say my body is indicated as older than I actually am. This single data point is enough motivation for me to really take my health super seriously.

The other data point is my water levels. Not a surprise I have less water than is within the ‘normal’ zone. So I’ve gone and bought a YETI bottle (the large one) so that I can keep guzzling water throughout the day.

For both of these things I’m going to concentrate on tracking trends. Don’t care how much, just as long as everything is trending in the right direction.