🍟 My kingdom for a full proof way to make decent oven fries. I know I’ve been doing it wrong, but my fries keep failing. Hunting on YouTube, it seems there are a couple of options that I need to try:

  1. Boil the potatoes for at least 8 minutes. I’ve been blanching them - although have been using vinegar so they don’t break down.
  2. Upgrade to use peanut oil instead of olive oil - because food science. Don’t put a ton, otherwise they will be oily.
  3. Make sure the fries are not crowded fries on a single backing sheet.
  4. Put the fries on the bottom layer of the oven, closest to the heating element.
  5. Flip them 15-20min into the cooking process.

The above should hopefully make the fries crispy, but also not oily. I need to crack this, because the kids know I am prone to messing this up regularly. The kids know!