Stationary / 2023 Edition

For a while now I have been going through my stash of stationary, using all the things that I have used over the years. With the exception of my ‘grail’ fountain pen (an Ivory stock Pro Gear), I’ve not really interested in buying new things unless they enhance my stationary life properly.

A couple of boxes of Musgrave’s Tennessee Red pencils was top priority and then I also added one additional item which was the Staedtler 900 25 pencil holder. It’s everything that I could want as a complement to those pencils. Using my Midori MD Paper A5 notebooks (the only notebook I am using for sketching) and I have my absolute mobile studio with me whenever.

What this has done is that it’s made it easy for me to lean into sketching Moon Racket! characters, which I am really enjoying.