Somehow we’re at the end of June. Slowly but surely I will have been in Canada for an entire year. It has been an incredible journey. Have I settled into life here? There are certain things that I absolutely love. There are some things that certainly make my eyebrows rise in surprise. No place on Earth is whole. Some places are better suited for you than others. I will say that I feel that I do ‘get’ this place. I understand where a lot of Canadians are coming from.

I do tend to love the colourful characters around the place (not to keen on the crazies that are found downtown…the social fabric should be able to care for these people better, but that is a whole other topic).

Every once in a while, I am surprised. Walking home, on a rainy afternoon, and a dude is walking his dog in an outfit that’s a cross between something from the Village People and a mankini. The confidence to do that is off the charts. Same walk, another dude without a shirt on, is running while hiding from the cars….