I’ve always, always, look at me, always, had a dislike of the word ‘blog’. It’s like one extra letter in the word bog. It’s a made up word that doesn’t sound very nice. I appreciate I might be on an island with this, and that’s ok.

Rather, I like to think of this site as a catalogue of moments in my life. The more you read all the different definitions the word moment describes, the more apt it feels:

An appropriate time for doing something; an opportunity. A very brief period of time. Importance.

I share these moments online.
I share them with the world.
Mostly they go unheeded.
Every once in a while there is some traction.
But mostly they go unnoticed.
And that’s ok.
Thoughts, ideas and interests that captured my imagination.
Even for a few seconds.
A few minutes.
A few moments.