Visiting The Cinema

The last time I went to the cinema was probably seven years ago (I watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in Dubai with my cousin). As I write that I realise that my life has in fact completely changed since I had kids. I remember hearing that life would change, but I just didn’t understand how much.

I think it was seriously fitting to finally see the Super Mario Bros Movie with the kids. This was the perfect introduction to what a cinema experience is about (the large screen, the popcorn) but then we stumbled on Imagine Cinemas in Toronto, which added a very cozy setup and some of the best (reclining) seats I have ever experienced. The staff was amazing, the bathrooms were clean and overall it was exactly what I wanted.

One of the things that has been a serious improvement on our lives in Denmark is the very fact that we are allowing ourselves to live a little more. Maybe the fact that our kids are a little older. Maybe the fact that there isn’t a global pandemic raging at the moment. I know it’s just the bloody cinema, something that I would typically do multiple times a month, but it’s a start to building out life and enjoying the simple things as well.