That was unexpected. My 2021 watch purchase (and my everyday beater watch) is my Vaer field watch. I really love this little watch even though it has had some random time splits over the years.

At the time I bought this watch with two straps. A black rubber strap and a metal strap. Until this week I had never swapped the straps out because I didn’t have the $10 toolkit (sounds insane just writing that down).

With that omission sorted, what I’ve found is that actually I’m not a huge fan of metal straps. Keeps pinching the hairs on my arm. It’s much heavier than the rubber straps, and as my arm contracts and expands throughout the day, it also feels less comfortable.

The issue is that leather straps are water sensitive (and I really have no time for mothering a watch). This means that any future watches will have to get onto a rubber strap. No need for those metal straps I’ve had my eye on for the 2023 purchase.