Stet Newletter

If you’ve missed my newsletter In Abeyance, sad news, I’ve decided to stop publishing my thoughts on the built environment in that format. For those wondering if I will do my 1500 word articles, the answer is of course, however they will follow their own schedule and will be released when they are good and ready. In the meantime you can read previous articles here,

The good news is that I’ve started another newsletter, Stet. Stet will share one single idea about the built environment and will be published every 2 weeks.

The very second article written for the old In Abeyance newsletter was centred around photovoltaics - it’s therefore fitting that Stet starts life on the same topic.

Read the first issue of Stet, Photovoltaic Carrots & Sticks. If you’re not already subscribed, now is a good time to remedy that monsterous error in your email diet.