The Missing App

I’ve been using as my default web site hosting for this site for just under 5 years. I’ve written about the why widely - across the five years, it’s functionality has grown way beyond its initial offering. As far as publishing short thoughts on the web, I honestly feel that it has no parallel.

When it comes to managing or editing said posts however, it is feels to me like there is a very clear hole for an app to exist.

This app would need to sync all of your existing posts and photos. You could then switch between posts quickly manage and edit them without the need for a (clunky) web interface - ideally without having to tap edit, just get in there and edit away. There appears to be a new versioning system baked in, this functionality (if available) could be made to allow you to see the differences between the proposed and the existing post.

I don’t know what the technical limitations of such an app is? Would even allow multiple edits to be uploaded at the same time? I guess I am looking for a MarsEdit on iOS or an equivalent to reduce the friction to managing and editing as much as possible.