Projects for 2023

I don’t tend to talk very much at what I am planning to do throughout the coming year, having said that this coming year appears to be a pretty busy time with the release of multiple projects that have been gestating for several years. Some will be brand new projects, while others will be putting together of material I have created in the past.

  1. Calendar ‘Bubblegum’ 2023 (kaa/002)
  2. Typeface 01 (kaa/003)
  3. Goodnotes Templates (kaa/004)
  4. Moon Racket! Collection. Will need a new cover. I might also add a few new one page ‘stories’. (kaa/005)

I also fully intend to write a short story in November as well and I would like to finish off the short story I started last year as well (but maybe I get to that this year).


Beyond that there will be three Stet.Build projects that I would like to tackle:

  1. BEC Vol.2 - The Purple Edition. This will need a new cover, a ton of editing and pulling the document together in pages. (SB/002).
  2. Automated Construction. Complete the draft, currently sitting at 75% complete. (SB/003).
  3. Season Four of In Abeyance. Six issues published bi-weekly.