The Summer of Disruption has been both the easiest thing that I have written and the hardest. When I landed on my couch in October 2022, I reflected on the past few months and how unnecessarily intense it had been.

Our best laid plans had evaporated and we kept coming up against obstacles. It felt like a story I had to preserve for my kids to learn and understand that life is not an easy journey and will throw seemingly insurmountable challenges. In your darkest moments (and there were plenty this summer), remember to keep moving forward. Fighting for a better future is one of the most human attributes anyone can have.

In writing these short stories, the process of writing them has always been a joy to me. I write these in the evening just before going to bed. This one was a little different in that I wrote the first 10 instalments in one sitting and the last 5 instalments also in one sitting. I knew which beats I had to hit, but how deep I would go into any one aspect was left for the day itself.

One idea that I have is to develop this story into a visual story - a graphic novella. Maybe something for next year, along with a Moon Racket collection as well.

For now there are three instalments left. Hopefully I stick the landing.