Let Twitter Burn to the Ground

The world will be fine without Twitter. In fact I would say that the world will be better off in general if it burned to the ground and people used that energy on something better.

I do feel bad for those that clearly want to express themselves on the internet and have defaulted to what is provided to them by the big tech companies.

My suggestion is to look for the alternatives. There are many. Some with a greater network effect than others. You’ll find people to interact with. That number will grow over time. There is no real hacking the system. If you talk or write about something in an interesting manner or that provides value then others will find you. If they don’t, then at least you have at the very least addressed your itch to express yourself on the internet.

Hopefully though people will realize however that the stream they have been posting to Twitter is of little value beyond the moment. The best way to see if that is the case is to have a look at your archive.

Maybe (and I would say that this is the rule and that there are outlier exceptions) you didn’t create anything of value there.

Maybe your best thoughts lie ahead of you.

Let it burn to the ground and then move somewhere else and build something that gives something back to you.