Amazon Kindle Create

Spent the entire day formatting my book using Kindle Create.
What a collosal pain in the ass of a programme.
I mean seriously Amazon, sort your applications out. You’re a technology company with a leading role in the book industry. Their tool is piss poor. A few examples:

  1. You cannot format numbered lists or tables.
  2. Certain images cannot be moved around (you have to delete and start again)
  3. Full page images are not possible in the app.
  4. Don’t even bother with graphs.
  5. You can’t format the style of the contents page (not in any meaningful way).
  6. Covers are uploaded separately, so you don’t get to see the entire thing.

I have read a lot of books on my Kindle and yet this lack of finesse is only apparent to me with books that you can tell were not originally intended for this type of format. I have tried my best to create a great Kindle book, but I know it could have been even better, if Amazon had sorted their application out to make best use of their own readers.