For nearly 6 years I used a bullet journal for my entire professional life. I found it provided me with the exact structure for the plethora of tasks in front of me. The last year and a bit I have wandered away. I haven’t been very happy with what I was left with.

I have come back to the fold only in a slightly different manner. I have multiple buckets. Each bucket is a single page. Each page can have notes (if they are super important), but really it is for tasks that I need to finish. By having clearly defined buckets I am able to muster up the necessary courage for the next step with the full knowledge of what I have to do.

Once I have everything in front of me, I want to block when I am going to carry out each of the buckets. This is the difficult part. Which task do I do first and how long will it take? Which task am I paralysed with because I am waiting for a response or input (the biggest killer).

Its a small step to take in what is no doubt going to become an incredibly busy period ahead of me. I’m glad to have been allowed the time to consider and reflect and read and adapt things, processes and thoughts that many others also struggle with.