One of the things that my digital declutter has allowed me to do is re-evaluate how I consume and collect my news. I used to think that news coverage from the BBC or even CNN would be sufficient for my needs. Every once in a while I’d venture over to the Guardian on occasion (but that paper annoys me more often than not). I would lament the fact that I could never carve out the time to read a whole issue of the Economist every week and carry on scrolling something else.

So to be more purposeful with how I consume my news, I’ve subscribed to The Economist (there is a four week trial period on the Kindle). My news coverage will be a week ‘old’, rather than minutes or even days, but hopefully that will mean that someone has provided the necessary thought and nuiance into the coverage itself. I also like how The Atlantic presents itself, however I think that this is too America focused for my liking.