Stay Micro

One of the things that I’ve done regularly (and seen other do themselves) is trying the macro thing before having begun the micro thing. As though it’s a given that you can sit down and bang out a novel, draw a graphic novel or run a marathon. You can’t.

Start micro in everything that you do. When something becomes overwhelming for you, revert to the micro. Make it small and insignificant. Make it easy. The eventual output will absolutely surprise and delight you in ways that doing the same in smaller sittings won’t. The reason is that you do it with very little effort. It was easy. And because it was easy, you can conceive of the future where you continue down this same path.

If you want to write, sing, exercise, draw, read, then do these things, in laughably small chunks, as little as 2 minutes. Every single day. At the same time. Stacked against something you already do.

You go to sleep every day? Great, 5 minutes before that make sure to read one page of a book. Drive to work every day? Great, when you reach work, pull out your journal and write for 5 minutes.

It’s the greatest lesson I learnt from reading Atomic Habits and has really been a revelation for me. You should try it yourself.