On This Day, One Year Ago

⭐ A year ago, on the 16th of January 2018, I wrote:

It’s always hard to start something new. The main question is whether or not you’ll see things through and actually find value and continue to use it as the initial shine wears off.

It was my first post on Micro.blog. 475 posts later, I’m glad to say that I have derived incredible value from the service.

I think the main reason can be attributed to it’s frictionless posting. The box doesn’t judge - you decide how short or long you want to write, add a title or not it’s up to you. It doesn’t offer any complications - no categories, tags, dates or URL naming. Just write and hit post.

Most importantly, the service has helped me take complete control of my online presence. Everything is now funnelled into kaa.bz.

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