Welcome to RMO

One of the fundamental challenges I faced towards the twilight years of my original stint of writing and publishing on the internet (that was nearly 10 years ago now) was the very fact that I didn’t have a singular focus. As my focus meandered, it became a challenge to continue writing meaningful words to capture those ideas with any regularity.

I remember trying very hard to find a focus, even started writing exclusively about Tesla, before I got bored of it all and annoyed people by cluttering up with Facebook feeds with re-posted articles I’d written. By trying to shoehorn myself and the little audience I had, I effectively lost the drive to continue.

This time it’s different. Very different. There are several reasons for this:

  1. To provide me with a location to collect all my thoughts on the subject of reducing mental overhead.
  2. To provide everyone else with a resource that might help them achieve something important in their life.
  3. I’m now clear that I don’t care to heavily about what the site looks like. Thankfully Blot (and David) have me completely covered in one of the best hidden secrets on the internet.

For the last year and a half, I’ve been working in the background on capturing these thoughts and putting them into a coherent document. At the time I thought that the best way to get the ball rolling would have been to buy a domain name that I liked and then start a website — no matter how crude. This was the first version:

It didn’t work. It sat there, unloved, for an entire year, which is just as well. Last year was by all accounts a tough year for me, but this allowed the idea to bounce around in my head. To learn about Stoicism, to regroup and rebalance my thoughts on these ideas that started back in 2016. Sometimes time and space are an essential partner for letting thoughts mature.

If you’re interested in learning more about RMO, head on over to www.rmo.life