Every once in a while you stumble upon an idea that resonates with you. An idea that captures your imagination. It’s a unique idea that asks for action, that calls to be implemented and put into action and to become part of your daily practice. The latest such idea is Stoicism.

Although my brother had mentioned it in passing a while back, the information washed over me like someone telling me all about Bitcoin. I paid it no heed and carried on about my daily business.

In one of the latest episodes of the Kevin Rose Show podcast, Kevin Rose interviewed Ryan Holiday and what he said made a ton of sense to me, so I decided to take a deeper dive.

I jumped straight to Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations and bought two versions. The first is the Gregory Hays translation recommended by Holiday. The second is The Emperor’s Handbook) which my brother recommended.

I have since followed it up with Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic as a good way to allow the ideas and ideology be digested in small bite sized nuggets. Of note is Holiday’s website dedicated to spreading the Stoic word — subscribing to his newsletter gives you a decent sampler to know if this is something you’d like to dig a little deeper into.

The one exercise that I have taken to heart straight away is daily journaling twice a day. 10–15 minutes in the morning to capture what I want to achieve out of the day and 10–15 minutes in the evening to review and reflect on the day that passed and ask myself what I learnt and what I could do better.