You have to start somewhere. Creativity is borne oftentimes of constraint. While this is something that has been talked about, finding your own constraints is actually much harder to do in practice.

I’ve always wanted to maintain a voice on the internet. Back in 2004, blogging and the community that surrounded that activity on the internet was an extremely exciting and vibrant. I desperately wanted to be a part of what was happening. The problem was that after I exhausted the initial ideas (which to be fair took years to exhaust) I didn’t really find my voice. The options available to me were limitless…and that was the problem.

What’s in a name

This isn’t the first time I’ve used the term Cerebral Interviews. In my first website, from back in 2004, it was the very first category or tag that I used to describe the general noise that was flowing in my head.

I then tried to use that same term for a newsletter that I ran for a year. The newsletter had a bunch of links and commentary that would be published once a month. It was mainly sent through to my friends and family and received approximately 0% engagement from anyone on the list. Hardly a roaring success but it allowed me to get somethings off my chest.

What I’ve realised is that actually although I love design in general, it distracts me from the actual creative work. I will miss the fun that I’ve had learning HTML/CSS/PHP (I could never wrap my head around Javascript for some reason), but I need to add enough constraints that will allow me to produce more regularly.

Design can now be constrained to the images and stuff that surround the work that I publish, rather than the vessel in which they’re delivered to. Medium has my back.

The Product

Which brings me to the actual content at hand. What’s the point of my existing online. Why not limit my output to links and commentary on my Twitter and Instagram accounts? There’s also all the work that goes into producing Moon Racket!?

Twitter doesn’t allow me to craft an article, or publish comics with the inherent presentation that is available at my fingertips on Medium. Having a platform ready to go will allow me to concentrate on the task at hand and actually just finish pages and publish them is an important one for me.

By publishing here, the amount of fiddling available to me is constrained and that will hopefully help me to focus on the final products.