Giving Up

I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but somewhere along the way, I just gave up creating and giving a shit about creating for the internet. I gave up following comic books in a semi-religious manner. I gave up playing basketball every single week. I gave up watching movies regularly. I gave up writing to my various website.

My aim has always been to create a small library of stories that I’ve written and drawn that are available in a multitude of formats (from digital to paperbacks and hardcovers). It’s a reasonably modest aim, but with the option of becoming greater depending on scale.

Do I think that this library of stories will provide me with a living? Probably not, unless I have some serious success somewhere and hit on the zeitgeist in a way that I can neither predict nor anticipate. So I’ll be content to having a series of books with my name on the spine and that finally put to paper the ideas in my head.

Little strokes fell great oaks

I’m clear that for the time being I will not have hours and hours to my name. I can however carve 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening and effectively do 2 pomodoros. High burst sets of 30 minutes pieces of work. That’s 7 hours a week. That’s 364 hours a year. If I spend 10 hours per page that equates to 36.4 pages of story and art. If I manage to do a page of art a week, then I’ll be able to do around 50 pages a year. The size of a European album.

The numbers don’t lie. It all starts with 2 pomodoros every single day. The issue however is life getting in the way. Sometimes you’re extremely tired. Sometimes the boy doesn’t sleep. Sometimes I have a business trip or I’m not feeling up for it. This is only natural. The difficulty is finding a way to get back into the routine. Routines are hard won and easily lost.


The last piece of the puzzle. I have about 8 projects that are not really linked with each other floating at different stages of development. I need to stop the braincrack from spreading and destroying my flow.

So I’ll be dedicating 1 year to any of these projects. That gives them enough time to mature. Of course if I’m close to finishing any of the projects then I’ll continue till I finish, but if I’m completely off, then that one gets parked and I move onto the next one.

So as a way to keep track, 2015 was mainly Moon Racket! and will extend to the end of 2016. After 2016, I will stop work on this series (unless it’s exploded) and then move onto the next project.

This all begins tomorrow morning - I’ll be back regularly to discuss progress.