I just published the first full colour Moon Racket! strip, Taking a Minute. I’ll be getting into my overall setup at some point, but this is a decided shift from me as I have until now published only in black and white.

This is not a sign that I no longer believe in black & white, but maybe rather the strip is better served on the internet with a splash of colour - I’ll report on whether that theory holds water after a few of these have gone out, but my feeling is that this small change will make a noticable difference.

As this is still the first one, like with most strips, there will be an evolution of the colour art as I get more comfortable with the process and try different ideas.The only downside, is that the Moon Racket! website will now have to be tweaked slightly to capture this colour palette (which is slightly different from previous iterations of colour that I’ve used in promo art).