6 Bullet Points

I’ve been following the Greek situation with keen interest - being the country in which I grew up in, where my parents currently live and where my brother just this morning went to an interview for his citizenship.

It’s been pretty interesting to see Yanis Varoufakis in action and read the words he’s been posting over the last 6 months. He’s chosen arguably the worst job in Greece at the moment but this latest 6 short bullet points is an interesting stake in the ground. His latest post Why we recommend a NO in the referendum – in 6 short bullet points is an interesting idea to summarise their government’s thoughts on the subject.

While everyone is saying that a NO vote would effectively mean that Europe ejects Greece out of the Eurozone, Varoufakis is claiming that this would not happen. Why it will not happen is still not clear to me however. From an interview (with a less the eloquent minister in Syriza) on the BBC earlier today, it appears that they think that European law excludes such a thing from happening. Honestly when the money and stakes are this high, I doubt new rules cannot be rewritten.

Sunday is only a few short days away and we’ll see how the Greek people will vote.