What kind of audience do I think Moon Racket! is intended for and how do I reach them?

I’ve been struggling with this question a lot recently, in the lead up to releasing the second season. This then brought up a series of other questions.

  1. What are the topics the series tackles?
  2. Where can I find an audience and declare to them the genius that is Moon Racket!, while not appearing like a complete douche bag pimping my shit like a second rate car salesman?
  3. Can I focus on a niche group of people with a specific interest, that would appreciate Moon Racket! and what it has to offer?
  4. Is this series even worth promoting?

My intention has always been to create a great strip, that I would like to see myself and I never honestly even considered these questions when I created the strip. I foolishly expected that between Facebook and Twitter there would be an easy way of marketing my wares. The reality of course is far different and that achieving any traction via social media is reasonably limited (at least for my little webcomic).

In order to try and find different answers and solutions to this question, I’ll be tackling this topic in more detail over the coming weeks, reporting on how certain avenues have actually helped the cause.