Good Citizens

There is much to like about Tumblr and publishing on Tumblr. There are however some constraints that I have been trying to work my way through. High resolution images on Tumblr are constrained in size to 1280px for normal high res photos and 2560x500px for panorama photos.

The problem is that Moon Racket strips don’t really fall into either category. I could potentially use the panorama photos setting, but that would mean making things fit into a 500px height (which isn’t great). Here’s a look of what the panorma would look like using the latest weekly (which dropped yesterday):


Alternatively I could upload the image as 1280px. On a retina display that works out to be a 640px image (which honestly is tiny). My website allows for a 960px width - on a retina display that’s 1920px. If I do let Tumblr do it’s thing, then my crisp black lines that I’ve worked long and hard on, become this blurred mess.

The only other solution I’ve found is to host the images on Flickr and then link them over. I get to post the image that I want in any resolution that I please. This solution does not make for very good Tumblr citizen but it makes for a better web site.

The irony of course is that both Flickr and Tumblr are owned by Yahoo! - so the image is hosted on their servers anyway. The whole thing is just annoying and you end up loosing out on some of the cool features that are inherently a part of Tumblr - for the sake of a few measily pixels.