I’ve been drawing Moon Racket for several years now. You wouldn’t know it, as I’ve only released around 23 images in total. The truth is that I’ve got hundreds of sketches, doodles and even strips that have not been released (apart from the odd snap on Instagram). There are two resons for this:

  1. Quality. The creative process and the quality in the first few years really wasn’t that great. When I look back at Season One I cringe (and that was the art I was ‘happy’ with at the time). However if I didn’t persevere, then I wouldn’t be in the position I am now, where I am comfortable enough to draw the characters in a few short minutes.
  2. Schedule. This one is actually a self imposed reason. My thinking being that I cannot really predict how often I’m likely to finish a drawing and do all the necessary post-production work. So instead the idea was to bank an entire season before I started publishing. The problem with this decision, is that nothing gets published (in my case over a year) and any momentum is lost.

That is actually an issue that I would like to address. The simplest solution is to publish things as they become available and ignore the whole issue of schedule. As a companion to this solution I’ve also decided to create small single image strip (created in my favourite notebooks of all time, the Midori MD A5 notebooks) that takes a few hours to draw and ink to provide stop gaps between more involved strips.

Here’s the first image.

Season 2 Gang