I’m currently on holiday, which typically means that I have enough time to consider various aspects of my life. For this trip I decided to leave my computer at home.The reason for this were two-fold.

The first reason was really about my general transition over the last several months away from the digital and more into the analogue. As a more pencil, paper and pen inclined man, I wanted to disconnect a little bit more.

The second reason is the big one, distractions. With a fully capable computer, my possibilities for wondering into a different world, creating something else, or ‘researching’ is near infinite. I know this of myself and I wanted to limit that access.

Instead I took my new iPhone 6 and a bluetooth keyboard bought over 7 years ago now (Apple doesn’t build shit). Ideas would begin life on paper first and then would move over to the digital world. The digital is the final destination (at least at the moment). It is the final product, how ideas and art is shared others - a delivery medium many take for granted because of it’s ubiquitous nature.

Overall, this process has helped me focus greatly on Moon Racket (I’ll have more to discuss about this on my process site) and allowed my mind to engage more with my family which has grown by 1 this year.

One of my goals for the year is to try and write more (promise this will be the only time I write about writing more, I’m as jaded about these types of posts like you are). I enjoy the process of writing something a little more longform. There are plenty of places for me to capture my banal and personal musing (that’s either in my Hobonichi Techo or within Day One). This site will be a way for me to work some things out. Once a week. The length and format isn’t as important as the mere act of writing and exercising this muscle that was used on a regular basis some 10 years ago and which has gone dormant over the last 5 years.