It's me, not you

This week I learnt a very clear lesson in what appears to work on Tumblr.

I ‘relaunched’ Broken Kode with an all new number 1 post, around 3 months ago. I decided to keep a razor sharp focus on Tesla news and engineering in general. The model I was trying to on Daring Fireball - not a terribly original idea admittedly but I thought that as time would go on the site would evolve or die based on its own success and failure.

In those 3 months I honestly saw extremely limited traction of people visiting the site, reblogging or liking a post. In fact a total of 3 people actually follow the site - hi guys, thanks for following. Then earlier this week I posted my first image. That single post has generated more action than the entire site has had in the 3 months since the relaunch.

It’s an 'event’ that I can’t ignore, as clearly I’m not reaching the desired audience on Tumblr - which I know exists. What I’m saying it’s me, not you. Tumblr knows what it is. The users know what they want out of Tumblr; I however thought that I could use the platform in a different way. The platform is clearly suited to a specific kind of content, one which isn’t text heavy.