The RMO System aims to reduce the noise and clutter that exist in your life, whichever form it decides to manifest itself in, be it physical or digital.

You have a great deal on your mind. Most of us are the same. You also likely have too much stuff (at least you think you do). Again, you’re not alone. You need a better system than the one you’re currently using; which is why you’re here.

Fundamentally, the issue with humans is that we are natural hoarders. Although it seems to takes the same amount of effort in accumulating as it does to discard, we have more difficulty with the latter than the former.

If you’re looking to reduce your mental overhead, then you’ve stumbled on the right corner’ of the internet. The journey begins by defining those elements that are essential to you. This is then followed by carefully assessing what can be considered enough to your overall wellbeing, with as little excess as possible.

Any system seeking to define a universal approach to life is going to fall short for many people, or may not gain the full benefits of this system as it’s too broad and not tailored to their unique position. In this respect the RMO System is no different.

The hope however is that there will be enough utility, thoughts and ideas that anyone can gain something from. As the System matures from it will change and expand on areas previously not considered, or likely not considered in the necessary detail.

The intention with the System is to allow you to view your possessions in a different manner. Once you are able to see these elements of your life for what they truly are and what they actually mean to you, then you can decide on what to do with them.

The challenge however with possessions is that their status in your life shifts in importance the longer they occupy. Being able to understand these shifts and react to them is an essential skill that needs to be developed in all of us.

Items are categorised as they cascade down the RMO System in the following way:

  1. Physical, Digital & Mind
  2. Home, Work & Personal
  3. Essential, Wellbeing & Excess

Each group of categories will be developed and expanded upon to be able to be put into context that is relevant to your situation.

Words of Caution

Categorising items and then carrying out the necessary actions on them is where the difficulties and challenges lie. The who exercise could fail because of the effort and time necessary, which can be overwhelming. Being practical and removing emotion from decisions is another hurdle that has to be overcome. Therefore you should come into this with the right frame of mind to extract the most value from the exercise.

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Categories & Compartments The RMO System aims to help you organise your life’s overhead into categories and further into compartments within these categories. Our lives are