Categories & Compartments

The RMO System aims to help you organise your life’s overhead into categories and further into compartments within these categories.

Our lives are complex, with a number of moving parts that are all competing with each other for attention and oftentimes supremacy. As we carry these parts around with us, they occupy physical, conscious or subconscious space. The issue being that each one of these parts contributes overall to our mental overhead.

Becoming aware of these parts, then being able to categorise them and then place them, first into main Categories and then into smaller Compartments constitute the first steps in the RMO system. Once these categories and their compartments are clearly defined, managing them is the next step.

Before considering the specific categories in detail, a few considerations should be made which will help better tackle the task at hand and hopefully allow for better results:

  1. It’s important to recognise that a universal system that attempts to cover every type of human is not practical, nor particularly useful. Individually we are unique, however the majority of people share common threads (irrespective of their culture or situation) and struggle with similar challenges on a daily basis. This truth extends across cultures, professions and time periods (past, present and likely future). To gain the maximum, try and extract the fundamentals presented and tailor the rest.
  2. Consider both the Categories and Compartments to be completely empty at the start of the process. Starting from nothing and then slowly adding things that are necessary is a liberating exercise that frees you of the mentally, which then allows you to decide whether or not this item is actually necessary in your life or not.
  3. The order in which items are categorised should be considered, as some categories are easier to tackle than others, the low hanging fruit frees up space for other more difficult categories to be tackled, that need more thoughtful consideration.
  4. Unless you have a great deal of time on your hands, this process will take the time it takes. Don’t feel obligated to rush the process.

The breakdown of items in this manner isn’t the important element, rather having these elements in the forefront of your mind and working through them as often as is necessary.

Chapter 1

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