23 / The Summer of Disruption
I took time off and tried to enjoy Toronto with the kids. We went to parks, bookstores, the Royal Ontario Museum. I took them on the Streetcar and the subway. I took them to a city farm. We went to the mall - an activity that now felt like a real novelty as we had not done this throughout the pandemic.

That entire summer I felt like Charlie Brown. Every time I was close to kicking the ball, Lucy (or the IRCC), kept yanking the ball away from me.

40 days became 50 days.
I am Charlie Brown.

Days passed and we heard nothing back. Our lawyers sent messages to their counterparts and our member of parliament…and we got nothing back. Yasmine’s application was in progress.

50 days became 60 days.
I am Charlie Brown.

Monday came and with it a glimmer of hope. We were now over the number of days the website advised. We should hear back any minute now.

60 days became 65 days.
I am Charlie Brown?