12 / The Summer of Disruption
Sadly the world continues to create a shared reality for millions across the world. The reality of being born to a war torn country. Lebanese. Vietnamese. Afghani. Iraqi. Syrian. Yemeni. Ukrainian.

Those from any of these places know and understand that war not only tears buildings and places apart but also the very fabric of society. It takes decades to grow back and when it comes back, it is never the same. It will never reach what it could have been.

A mad, deranged, decrepit moth flapped it’s wings in Moscow, which sent shockwaves smashing first through Ukraine before continued further afield.

Few were immune from this single moth’s effect. For some the impact was an upended life. A life as a refugee. A generation of displaced immigrants. For others it was as fundamental as the bread they eat being taken away.

For our family, the ramification was that all visas to Canada ground to a halt. Processing times were effectively fabrications heading in the wrong direction.