09 / The Summer of Disruption
Our journey with Canada’s immigration authority would begin at the end of June. This saga would totally disrupt our lives for the rest of the summer.

They needed Yasmines biometrics. Fine. The Canadian embassy is a stones throw from the office in downtown Copenhagen. Except this facility was not available in Denmark. The job of a $50 finger scanner and a web camera was beyond the means of one of the most advanced countries in Europe. Our only option was to get the biometrics in a completely different country.

This was the canary in the coal mine taking its first few good breathes of carbon monoxide.

We linked this action with our trip to Florida. At the start of the summer the service was readily available. 2 weeks later we had to wait 3 weeks for what would turn out to be a 5 minute interaction.

The canary took a few more deep breaths.