06 / The Summer of Disruption
All we needed was one hotel room for the family to sleep in before heading to the airport at 6am in the morning. Simple right? Except it wasn’t. Try as much as I did, I could not find a single available hotel room anywhere in Copenhagen. You had to travel 3 hours out to find an available room.

Something really strange was going on.

I started to vent to Mindy and as usually she was able to offer some clarity on what was happening in the country. The European dentist convention was being held in Copenhagen that week and every single available hotel room was fully booked.

I’m reminded of that scene in The Croods where the father pulls his entire family over him like a blanket. Needs must. We would not be taking our mattress topper or our pillows with us. The whole family would ‘rough it out’ for the night before waving goodbye to our life in Denmark.