Fear of the Different

I have been patiently waiting for a book. A book that was released some 10 years ago, with a second edition meant to be released in May of this year. A book that would help me understand the country I have just moved to, A concise History of Canada.

For months the books release has been delayed and seemingly the only place you can buy this book is on Amazon and even then it is at a considerable premium. It’s like they really don’t want this book to succeed. Or bury the thoughts and ideas found inside. What’s that?

I imagine the updated version will have a nice chunky section (or at least it should) about the Canadian colonial genocide of the First Nations people across the decades (a slow systematic system to erase a culture and people that got an apology from the Pope a few weeks ago). Even in a progressive country like Canada, fear of the different is a powerful urge that should not be enabled. Ever.