A little over a year after COVID began and things are beginning to open up here in Copenhagen. Of course they ‘opened’ a little earlier by means of testing regularly and a Coronapas - not going to lie, the whole process just did not appeal.

Being half vaccinated your mind can start doing something it couldn’t before. Making plans for the future. Some medium term and some longer term plans. Maybe go for a holiday? Maybe even get back onto a plane? Maybe get to see family again in the coming few months.

While I know I have lost many experiences this last year, at the same time I have gained much. More time with my kids. More time for the tempo of my body to slow down. More time for reflection. More time for boredom. More time for reading. More time for writing. More time for getting my ‘house’ in order.

I hope others were able to get something out of a world changing event that will be seared in our memories for many years to come.