Having the mental space to do other things than wasting it on the internet introduces previously difficult tasks. Tasks that you may have needed a lot of energy to accomplish become somewhat more plausible and achievable.

This week I spent four and a half hours on my phone. It wasn’t scrolling Twitter or in Safari or watching Youtube. Rather I was in the Finances app, easily the best of it’s kind and there are many, sorting out our budgets for the rest of the entire year. I’m using the ‘envelope’ method that is achievable within the app (a feature I only recently found out about). Previously I was using a spreadsheet, which while did the job, wasn’t as easy to maintain, and didn’t give you the same insights.

Putting the effort in now reaps multiple benefits moving forwards. For a start the mental overhead is vastly reduced - a subject I intend to write a lot more about in the coming year. You make decisions and you can either stick to them, or knowningly go in a different direction. While life is typically unpredicable we can however put some plans together and manage through things as best as we can.