For over a year now I have written my bi-monthly newsletter exclusively on a computer. On the odd occasion I might write a few notes down. A couple of sentences. Maybe sketch some ideas. I never would write very much before quickly jumping back onto the screen. When I needed to FAQ check something, I would jump online and search for it,sometimes returning back to base to continue writing, sometimes not.

The latest issue has been written by hand first. The thoughts and ideas, structure and points that I want to make written by hand. It’s a decidedly different way of approaching the same thing, but I feel that this is a very purposeful approach. The words and structure is not fully formed. Things change from the written word to the typed word, but much of the meandering is carried out on paper first. When it then comes to typing, the act is oh so much easier. Direct.

Two thoughts. I’m not going to dwell on the past. That is done. I write these things to remind myself never to lapse. Its much better being in control even if it’s a little bit less convienient. The end result is better for it.