Posting to my site and having full control of everything has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done online. also want to give credit to @manton and the system which also gives you control of how you share your information more widely.

I recently decided I wanted to control what I post to my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I’ve decided to use both as a means to post similar types of information, which will be different from what I typical post to my personal site. What I didn’t want to do is create more work for myself — having to post the exact same thing two or three times. So I created a new category and hooked the category RSS feed up to post to these services. My site remains the one source of everything.

A few bonus items:

@craigmcclellan has an awesome Drafts with categories action. The information on the help site is very good in understanding how handles the cross-posting.

The year of consolidation continues.

Scratch all of that. It turns out RSS control on doesn’t really work this way. There is some funny limitations under the hood. Basically you can’t control your RSS feeds in this manner.