Everyone is going through a number of changes in their lives and trying to adapt. It’s now been 4 weeks since this lockdown began for us. At first it was about getting over the shock. Now it’s about settling in and doing things purposefully. As an absolute minimum in Denmark this is going to go on here for another month - although that is on the optimistic side of things. To make the transition even more disorienting, the changing of hours only added to my routine upheaval. Something I’ve not had to deal with for 8 years, I forgot that it messes your brain for at least 2 weeks, until you get your circadian rhythms back.

  • The first month I experimented with a beard. While it was pretty cool not to have to shave every day, it’s not for me. Maybe when I’m in my 50s and really, really don’t give a shit. Now I give half a shit.
  • Working from home has shown me what it would actually be like. With young kids. I have found that there are plenty of hours where I am super focused on what I am doing and the time genuinely flies. However it has come at a price. The price of my own time. Where previously I had very distinct lines that I managed, these lines have now been blurred.

For the next month, I’m going to try and be more purposeful with our new reality.

  • While some exercise has made it’s way into my day, I want to be a little more purposeful with this. There is a time of the day this happens, just need to extend
  • I’d like to write more regularly, both in my journal and online. To do something you have to set an actual time of the day that you do this. Journalling happens when I first wake up and when I go to be. Online writing can happen at any point in the day.
  • I want to get through some more books. Rather than checking the same damn websites again and again. Then open my emails. Then back to my RSS reading. Then lets check…hmmm I wonder what is happening on MySpace these days…RSS is awesome….oh time for bed. I honestly have a ton of books that I really want to get into but the amount of easier distractions has overcome me.
  • There are some awesome shows I’d also like to get into, with Better Call Saul coming to an end (for this penultimate season). Maybe watch See or Stranger Things or The Mandalorian. There are a few Pixar movies I’ve not watched including Coco, Toy Story 4 and Outbound.
  • I want to make sure I do my Danish lessons while doing the dishes every single day. This was going well for a few days, before it stopped. Need to get back on that wagon.