It’s the bun

One of the clearest data points in our transition to Denmark is the nearly complete shift from eating out on a regular basis to eating exclusively from home. Slowly we have been adding different types of foods to our cooking repetoire. Yasmine’s been getting into baked muffins in a big way, as she continues to experiments with all kinds of ingredients.

From my side, I finally attempted and mostly landed the ever ellusive potato bun for a hamburger. If like me you are a burger connosieur, you understand that the bun makes the burger. You’re very liable to forgive a lot more of what goes inside the burger, but if the bun isn’t right, then the whole thing falls apart.

The receipe I would totally recommend is the this one by Food Wishes. When I first heard Chef John, I thought this is a joke right? His tone grows on you and then the humour comes in, which is a nice touch. The only part I will be tweaking is the amount of yeast. I’ll be using 1½ teaspoons rather than the recommended 2½ as it smelt too yeasty for our liking. The other part is that I think the buns could be a little larger, so maybe use halves rather than quarters.

The other video I would recommend is the one about making a Shake Shack burger. It’s a classic burger where less is more.