I recently bought the K380 keyboard from Logitech. Originally intended to be used as a replacement for the generic Dell POS that is supplied at work, I can certainly see a place for this keyboard elsewhere in my life. The keys have weight to them. It has gravitas. A satisfying thumping sound that I am usually not used to on my MacBook Pro. It’s not that the MacBook Pro is a bad experience…far from it. It’s just that this Logitech keyboard offers a different experience that I really like.

Of course one of the annoying things about a wireless keyboard (as least the really minimal looking ones) is the fact that they are typically not backlit. Once you get used to that kind of feature, it’s actually pretty difficult to get used to living without it. The only other area that I would comment on is the fact that the key markings are not seamless with the plastic of the buttons. They are trying to meld into the keys, except they really don’t.

If you’re in the market for something relatively cheap that feels more expensive than it actually is, and that you’re touching all the time, the K380 is an excellent choice. Also it comes in a range of pretty funky colours, so as a minimum it will add colour to your desk.